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Post: Experts Reveal Why Endearments Or Pet Names Make Your Relationship Stronger


Experts Reveal Why Endearments Or Pet Names Make Your Relationship Stronger

Whenever we see a couple, we often wonder why they won’t call their partner’s names. We hear them calling them “love”, “sweetheart”, “honey”, etc. Why do couples call their partners with endearment or pet names? Is it really important to have pet names when in a relationship? Here’s what the relationship experts have to say.

The Study

According to the survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, the researchers found 87% of Americans prefer to use pet names when they’re in relationships. This is in contrast to only 74% of Europeans who use endearments when in a relationship.

So, if you’re hesitant to call your partner or be called with a pet name, you’re not alone. However, according to the researchers, 16 % of couples who call each other pet names tend to be happier and more satisfied in their relationships.

The researchers also found the specific pet names people chose to call their partners played a big role in making their relationship stronger. According to the study, 90% of Americans who use flattering but basic pet names like “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, and “honey” were happy and content in their relationships. Only 56% of couples claim they’re happy in their relationships even if they didn’t use any nicknames.

Furthermore, the most flattering and beautiful nickname also differs depending on the location you’re in. For example, most Germans like to be called “Schatz” or “Sweetheart”, “cutie and “hun”. Meanwhile, the American people love to be called “pretty” followed by “beautiful”, and “gorgeous.”

Pet Names to Avoid

The researchers not only determine the good pet names to call to your partner but also the bad pet names you should avoid. According to the survey, around 70% of people hate to be called “Papi”, followed by daddy with 72%. They also hate overly cutesy names like “muffin” (61%), and “sweet cheeks’ (66%). Moreover, those who like using nicknames the most are men (around 85%) compared to their female counterparts (around 76%).

So, if being called gorgeous or beautiful by your partner reminds you of your mom, there’s no need to be embarrassed. According to Dean Falk at Florida State University, most couples speak this way to reminisce their childhood experience anf remember their first and purest love to their mother. So if you haven’t already, you may start thinking of a suitable pet name to call your partner from now on!

How to Make Your Relationship Grow Stronger?

Aside from using pet names, the relationship experts give tips on how to make your relationship healthy and stronger.

Constant Communication

It’s important that you and your partner maintain a constant communication to sort out any issues you have.

According to relationship experts, communication does wonders to your relationship. Communicating helps you get in touch with your partner and bond with them as you ask them how their day went. This also serves as an opportunity to talk about each other, talk about any discomfort, issues, and concerns you might have in your relationship. This helps both of you to think of a solution to solve your issues before it escalates into arguments or conflicts.

Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Spending quality time together helps rekindle the love and intense feelings you have to solidify your relationship.

Did you remember the first few months of your relationship where you and your partner go out on dates either to bond or celebrate your monthsary? The relationship experts say you should maintain this quality time together.

No matter how busy you or your partner are, you must set the time to see each other at least twice a month or once a week. Allocate your free time together to go out on dates or spend quality time together. This can be a simple date, a picnic while eating your homemade meals, or traveling to a new place or country.

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