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Post: Experts Reveal The Best Meditation Technique You Can Use Depending On Your Situation


We all know that meditation helps clear our mind. It helps us make peace with our body, mind, and soul to eliminate the stressors that deteriorate our health. As much as possible, we want to try meditating to reap its health benefits.

But with many types of meditations that exist in the market, it’s quite overwhelming to try them all and find the right one that works for you. How can you determine whether or not this type of meditation is good for you? Here’s what the experts have to say.


According to health experts, different types of meditation caters to different situations. While everyone can meditate, some people prefer choosing a particular form of meditation since they feel more comfortable doing it. If you have already found your preferred meditation technic, the health experts recommend you stick to it. If you haven’t already, they suggest doing the following meditation based on the situation you’re in.

To Enhance Optimism

If your mind is constantly bombarded with negative thoughts like anger, anxiety, jealousy, self-doubt, and sadness, then the health experts recommend you try a guided meditation. This type of meditation helps control and manage your negative thoughts and emotions before you drown in them.

You can try downloading the Insight Timer app and find a good guided meditation to help you cope with your current struggles.

Guided meditation helps you cope with loss, acceptance, anger managrment, anxiety, depression, and pain.

You can browse through different sessions and find a teacher that has a soothing and calming voice. One notable example of guided meditation is the “Our Warning Self vs. Infinite Self” which was done by Sarah Blondin. This meditation helps you control your anger and fury to prevent unnecessary outbursts.

To Promote Exercise

Want to get that toned body? While most people think active exercising helps them achieve a fitter and healthier body, overdoing it can cause serious injuries. If not, sometimes we get frustrated in exercising especially if we feel like all our efforts are in vain.

To help you keep your momentum in exercising, the health experts say you need to switch off your brain during exercising. This means that before you even think about whether or not you should exercise for the day, your body sets the pace of working out.

Mindfulness meditation helps you focus on the present time and prevents your mind from straying away from exercise.

You can achieve this by doing mindfulness meditation and yoga. According to the renowned teacher Ashley Elgatian, combining mindfulness meditation and yoga help switch off your active mind from buzzing and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

When our mind is constantly buzzing, we tend to leave our physical body as we get lost in our thoughts. This causes our body to become tense and tight, making it a difficult task for you to relax. Practicing yoga helps create neural pathways to open your mind to meditation. As you become aware of the present, you’ll catch those times where your mind gets distracted. Then you can redirect it back to exercising.

On Getting More Sleep

If you’re struggling with getting enough sleep or are suffering from insomnia, the health experts recommend you do mindfulness meditation as well. This type of meditation helps focus your mind into falling asleep. It helps relax your body and unwind your mind to lull you to sleep.

Try downloading the Calm app and browse the sleeping stories and listen to them. This will bring back beautiful childhood memories when your grandma read you fairytale stories as she tucked you into bed.

Promote Self-care

Meditation also helps make peace with yourself and has you accept who you are.

If you’re constantly suffering from lack of self-esteem or confidence, you can practice self-caring by reflecting on yourself as well as how you view the world. The experts recommend you try downloading the Awaken app.

This meditation app helps establish the connection between your inner self as well as the outside world. It’ll help you accept your strengths, weakness, flaws, and everything else. The moment you open yourself to self-acceptance, you can identify the factors that are destroying your self-esteem and you can work towards rebuilding your confidence.

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