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Eat this daily to lower your blood pressure

We always hear doctors talk about the importance keeping our blood pressure at a healthy level, but you may have wondered why exactly. Basically, blood pressure is the amount of force the blood exerts as it is transported through your body’s network of blood vessels, which includes arteries, veins, and capillaries. High blood pressure is […]

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Researchers say where you live could add years to your life

Could where you live dictate how long you live? New research at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School, published today in the Milbank Quarterly, shows Americans who live in so called blue states tend to live longer than those in red states, primarily due to state policies. Among the findings: U.S. state policies since the 1980s have […]

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Can you really choose the sex of your baby?

It’s a strange comment that expectant couples sometimes get: “Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?” Because whatever it is you might be hoping for, deep-down, it’s not like you actually have a say in the matter, right? Unless you’re undergoing in-vitro fertilization specifically to avoid a sex-linked genetic disorder, you’ve got close […]

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8 Best Stretches for Your Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the worst. Since your back is central to so much of how your body moves through the world, any irritation or injury can mean a real hit to your quality of life and exercises for back pain are a necessity for looking after your overall health. And if you haven’t had a […]

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How bad is it to crack your own back?

It might make people who live with you cringe, but let’s admit it: Sometimes nothing is quite as satisfying as good back crack. Especially if you spent all day hunched over a laptop or slept in an uncomfortable position, stretching your back until you hear an audible popping noise somehow just set things right and […]

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Gross things your child does without you knowing

Children say the darnedest things and do the grossest things. Yes, there’s a good chance your child is not at all ashamed to pick her nose, eat her boogers, or lick the floor. Chalk it up to age and immaturity, but there is something almost admirable about the way kids take glory in their epic grossness. They […]