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What you should know before wearing another thong

Made forever-famous by the 2000 earworm “The Thong Song” by rapper Sisqo, the thong underwear is a favorite of many women for a variety of reasons. Some find them more comfortable, others love never having to worry about panty lines, and some just think they’re fun and sexy. But as with anything we put near […]

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What uncertainty can mean for your mind and body

“In these uncertain times” might be the catchphrase right now. From the macro level of the pandemic, climate change, social and political unrest to the personal level of job uncertainty, illnesses within families and various levels of social isolation—any and all of these contribute to a sense of uncertainty. But what is uncertainty? What’s going […]

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What lies between grey and white in the brain

Traditionally, neuroscience regards the brain as being made up of two basic tissue types. Billions of neurons make up the gray matter, forming a thin layer on the brain’s surface. These neuronal cells are interlinked in a mindboggling network by hundreds of millions of white matter connections, running in bundles, deeper in the brain. Until […]

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What it feels like… to learn to walk again

‘This is serious, he will not be leaving anytime soon.’ The first words I heard from the A&E consultant as he spoke to my wife hit me like a baseball bat. Five days earlier, my wrist started to swell, locking in place. I initially thought I had been typing too much or I had banged […]

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Hydroxychloroquine Doesn’t Benefit Severely Ill Coronavirus Patients—Here’s What the Latest Evidence Shows

An anti-malarial drug called hydroxychloroquine, commonly used to treat inflammatory conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, received a lot of attention earlier this year as a potential treatment for people with COVID-19. But is the excitement overblown? Based on the accumulated evidence to date, neither hydroxychloroquine nor its cousin, chloroquine, appears to be effective against […]

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What if all humans on Earth had albinism?

The series “Imaginary Earths” speculates what the world might be like if one key aspect of life changed, be it related to the planet or with humanity itself. What might Earth be like if it had rings, or if everyone could photosynthesize like plants? Albinism, from the Latin “albus,” meaning “white,” is a group of […]