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Nine Ways Real Moms Make Gift Buying For Parties Easier

Kid’s birthdays are trying under the best of circumstances: they usually involve some combination of melted ice cream, cloying music, and the screeches of other people’s children. While there might not be a way to get rid of chocolate ice cream stains and unsettling clown performances, there is one thing in your control that can […]

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The real reason some people are left-handed

It sucks being a lefty in a right-handed world. And we’re not just talking about having your mug face the wrong way, which is annoying in and of itself — what’s the point in having a mug that says something clever when no one can see what it says? We’re also talking about the elbow wars […]

Kids Health

Homework Help Hacks Real Moms Swear By

Yes, parents may be celebrating the return to school and the end of summer stress. But they may also be dreading the return of homework and the arguments, cajoling, and bribing that often comes with it. If you’ve struggled to get your kid to complete school assignments, you’re not alone. We asked real moms with […]

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Is Blue Waffle Disease Real? Here’s What a Gynecologist Says

If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid seeing the notorious “blue waffle disease” photo, consider yourself lucky. In 2010, a graphic photo of an STI called blue waffle disease made the rounds on the internet. The image shows a scabbed, seemingly infected, blue-tinted labia. (If you don't believe us, search Google Images for it yourself—though we […]