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Patients report memory problems after mild COVID-19

(HealthDay)—Memory problems are a common part of the postacute sequelae of COVID-19, according to a research letter published online July 29 in JAMA Network Open. Arne Søraas, Ph.D., from Oslo University Hospital in Norway, and colleagues followed a cohort of 13,001 adults that included individuals who were tested for suspected COVID-19 between Feb. 1 and […]

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Memory helps us evaluate situations on the fly, not just recall the past

Scientists have long known the brain’s hippocampus is crucial for long-term memory. Now a new Northwestern Medicine study has found the hippocampus also plays a role in short-term memory and helps guide decision-making. The findings shed light on how the hippocampus contributes to memory and exploration, potentially leading to therapies that restore hippocampal function, which […]

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Working memory in psychotic disorders

Working memory—the ability to temporarily store information for decision making and guiding behavior—is impaired in psychotic disorders. It is generally assumed that impaired working memory is caused by dysfunction in the prefrontal cortex. However, little is known about how subprocesses involved in working memory, such as encoding and memory maintenance, and the neural systems supporting […]

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One day of employment a week is all we need for mental health benefits

As automation advances, predictions of a jobless future have some fearing unrest from mass unemployment, while others imagine a more contented work-free society. Aside from economic factors, paid employment brings other benefits — often psychological — such as self-esteem and social inclusion. Now, researchers at the universities of Cambridge and Salford have set out to […]

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Surprisingly simple: With such Tricks, we keep our brain active

Minimum Training improves the memory function A Minimum of movement can help the health and memory performance, such as scientific studies showed. As researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), as well as Japanese University of Tsukuba have found out, even very light training sessions, the connectivity between Parts of the brain for memory […]