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Study disputes notion that people of color have ‘flawed’ beliefs about pregnancy

Black and Latinx individuals are often the focus of health educational efforts to “correct” perceived flawed beliefs about pregnancy in order to increase contraceptive use and reduce unintended pregnancies. In a study published in the journal Ethnicity and Disease, CUNY SPH faculty Meredith Manze and Diana Romero sought to revisit the association between race, ethnicity, […]

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Why gender reveals have spiraled out of control

Over Labor Day weekend, two expectant parents didn’t get the viral hit they had hoped for. During a gender reveal party in Southern California, a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” was supposed to simply reveal a color—pink for a girl, blue for a boy—before a crowd of onlookers. Instead, it sparked a wildfire that has scorched more […]

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Celebrity Parents Who Have Twins

Double the love! While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are arguably the most famous set of twins, there is a brood of young celebrity twins who one day could eclipse them, especially Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s set. From Neil Patrick Harris to Angelina Jolie, scroll down to see more celebs who are mom and dad to […]

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Rory Cellan-Jones: Why I have decided to leave my brain to science

Why I have decided to leave my brain to science: BBC star Rory Cellan-Jones hopes his donation will help scientists beat the Parkinson’s he suffers from Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition affecting 145,000 Britons  A year after his diagnosis, Rory’s symptoms are confined to a mild shake  Medication provides some relief for sufferers but […]