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Designing vaccines from artificial proteins

Vaccines are one of the most effective interventions to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. They trigger the immune system to produce antibodies that protect the body against infection. However, we still lack efficacious vaccines for many important pathogens like the flu or dengue fever. “When a vaccine doesn’t work well, we tend to think […]

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This is Marie Kondo’s advice for working from home

When you go through a transition from working in an office, to working from home, it’s easy to see how an ordered life might descend into chaos. The routine of getting ready for work, commuting, and getting to work is replaced by waking up, checking your phone for urgent messages, or possibly reaching for your […]

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As coronavirus myths multiply, experts sort fact from fiction

(HealthDay)—The new coronavirus continues its steady march through the U.S. population, bringing with it a second plague: potentially dangerous myths and rumors about COVID-19, spread via the internet. You may have already heard some of these coronavirus myths, which, if subscribed to, could at best mean wasted effort or—at worst—make you even more vulnerable to […]