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COVID-19 rates may be lower than thought for pregnant women

(HealthDay)—A new study suggests the rate of COVID-19 among pregnant women without symptoms is much lower than previously reported. Fewer than 3% of asymptomatic women admitted to three Yale New Haven Health hospitals for labor and delivery during April tested positive for COVID-19 infection. That contrasts with a 13.5% rate reported in a study of […]

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Researchers use brain imaging to demonstrate weaker neural suppression for those with autism

According to the National Autism Association, people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may experience sensory hypersensitivity. A University of Minnesota Medical School researcher recently published an article in Nature Communications that illustrates why that may be true by showing the differences in visual motion perception in ASD are accompanied by weaker neural suppression in the […]

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Supercomputing drug screening for deadly heart arrhythmias

Death from sudden cardiac arrest makes headlines when it strikes athletes. But it also causes the most deaths by natural causes in the U.S. estimated at 325,000 per year. The heart’s bioelectrical system goes haywire during arrest. The malfunction can send heartbeats racing out of control, cutting off blood to the body and brain. This […]

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Many female undergrads unaware of risk factors for cervical cancer, skip Pap tests, researchers find

Most female undergraduate college students surveyed by Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work researchers were not familiar with risk factors for cervical cancer and had not had a Pap smear—the screening procedure for the disease. Nasar U. Ahmed, associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology; Patria Rojas, assistant professor in the Department […]

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Russia sees over 10,000 new virus cases for fourth day in row

Russia recorded more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases for the fourth day in a row on Wednesday, surpassing Germany to become the country with the sixth-highest number of confirmed infections. Russia has emerged as a new hotspot for the virus and in recent days has been recording the highest number of new infections in Europe. […]

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This is Marie Kondo’s advice for working from home

When you go through a transition from working in an office, to working from home, it’s easy to see how an ordered life might descend into chaos. The routine of getting ready for work, commuting, and getting to work is replaced by waking up, checking your phone for urgent messages, or possibly reaching for your […]