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Chemotherapeutic agents can have the opposite effect of tissue overgrowth in normal tissues

Vanderbilt University researchers have reported the counterintuitive discovery that certain chemotherapeutic agents used to treat tumors can have the opposite effect of tissue overgrowth in normal, intact mammary glands, epidermis and hair follicles. The researchers also are the first to report the discovery of an innate immune signaling pathway in fibroblasts—the spindle-shaped cells responsible for […]

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Nurse combatting the ‘Angelina effect’ through new decision aid

Crystal Chu has grown accustomed to her patients’ sometimes-impulsive responses after they’re diagnosed with cancer in a single breast. “Cut them both off,” women often say to Chu, a University of Virginia oncology nurse and a Ph.D. student. “They’ve served their purpose. I’m ready.” Chu’s response, however, is always gentle and more tempered. “I usually […]

Health Problems

Study identifies two proteins that suppress tumor growth in fruit flies, suggests similar effect on human cancers

The concept sounds simple, but understanding the process has been elusive: Cut off the nutrient supply to suppress the growth of tumors. Now researchers in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University are unveiling promising results for this concept by studying the behaviors of specific proteins in fruit flies. The proteins have known […]