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Working Mom! Blake Lively Pumps Breast Milk During Press Day

Working motherhood at its finest! Blake Lively pumped breast milk during her Wednesday, January 29, press day for Rhythm Section. “PUMP @therhythmsection press day Pump,” the actress, 32, captioned an Instagram Story shot of her Medela USA pump. Us Weekly broke the news in October that the Gossip Girl alum and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, […]

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Three types of cells help the brain tell day from night

Bright light at night interrupts the body’s normal day-night cycles, called circadian rhythms, and can trigger insomnia. In fact, circadian rhythms play a major role in health. Disrupted day-night cycles have even been linked to increased incidence of diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, depressive disorders and type 2 diabetes in people who work night […]

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4 Warmup Drills to Help You Crush Leg Day

To feel like you’re kicking ass—not getting your ass kicked—during your next heavy leg workout, start things off with these warmup drills from trainer Jay T. Maryniak. “Your performance will increase and you will exponentially reduce the risk of injury,” he writes in an Instagram post highlighting the series. “It doesn’t take a ton of […]

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Eating an avocado a day will NOT cut your cholesterol, experts say

Eating an avocado a day will NOT cut your cholesterol: Statistician debunks the ‘hilariously unimpressive’ results of study funded by ‘big avocado’ Penn State University researchers claimed vegetable slashed cholesterol levels But experts picked study apart, found changes too minuscule to have any effect Also highlighted the study was funded by world’s largest producer of avocados […]

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The Mountain’s Leg Day Might Destroy a Mere Mortal

Thor Björnsson, 2018 World’s Strongest Man and Game of Thrones‘ Mountain, knows not to skip leg day. The strongman just shared a video of a particularly intense leg workout, in which he and his coach Sebastian Oreb challenge each other to push themselves as far as they can go in terms of squats, presses, and […]

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My day on a plate: Lincoln Lewis

Actor Lincoln Lewis, 31, shares his day on a plate. Lincoln Lewis is an ambassador for Daydream Island. 7.30am First thing in the morning I always have lemon juice in warm water. 8am Breakfast comprises two pieces of toast, one with avocado and Vegemite, the other with butter and a more than decent amount of […]

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NZ children see more than 40 ads for unhealthy products each day

Unhealthy products—including junk food, alcohol and gambling—are leading causes of cancer, obesity, diabetes, mental illness and many social harms. In New Zealand, alcohol alone contributes to an estimated 800 deaths and costs the economy approximately NZ$7.85 billion each year. Two comprehensive reports, published by the Law Commission in 2010 and the Ministerial Forum on Advertising […]