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Study finds inflammation caused by radiation can drive triple-negative breast cancer

While radiation is successfully used to treat breast cancer by killing cancer cells, inflammation caused as a side-effect of radiation can have a contrary effect by promoting the survival of triple-negative breast cancer cells, according to research published online in the International Journal of Radiation Biology by Jennifer Sims-Mourtada, Ph.D., director of Translational Breast Cancer […]

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New principle for activation of cancer genes discovered

Researchers have long known that some genes can cause cancer when overactive, but exactly what happens inside the cell nucleus when the cancer grows has so far remained enigmatic. Now, researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have found a new mechanism that renders one canonical driver of cancer overactive. The findings, published in Nature Genetics, […]

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Cancer patients with obesity show poorer psychosocial health

(HealthDay)—Patients with breast or prostate cancer who are obese score higher in psychosocial problem-related distress than nonobese patients, according to a study recently published in Psycho-Oncology. Errol J. Philip, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of California in San Francisco, and colleagues gathered data from 4,159 patients who received care at a comprehensive cancer center in […]

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Lung cancer report delivers good, bad news

More Americans are surviving lung cancer in recent years, but very few people at high risk are getting the recommended screening. Those are the highlights from the latest “State of Lung Cancer” report from the American Lung Association (ALA), published Nov. 13. There are positive trends, including the survival numbers: Compared with a decade ago, […]