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Baby Subscription Boxes Any New Parent Will Love

New parents need (or at least deserve) all the help they can get. Right? So why not skip the monogrammed onesie and instead gift your new-mom pal (or sister or cousin or coworker) the gift that truly keeps on giving: the subscription box? After all, if they just welcomed a baby; they deserve a million […]

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This killer core workout doesn't involve any crunches

I think we can all agree that crunches are the worst. They’re hard, they burn and they never give us the instant abs we’re hoping for. But core strength is really important. It helps with stability, flexibility and balance. And you need a strong core to be able to do any kind of functional movement. […]

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These Obstacle Course Gyms Will Toughen You Up for Any Race

I’m halfway across the Twister, a diabolical set of monkey bars with rotating handles, and I’m not sure I’ll make it to the other end of this ten-yard nightmare.“You’ve got this!” shouts Timmie Brann, a coach whose name doesn’t match her intensity level. “Don’t let go!” My legs are ailing, my forearms are fried, and […]

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Food allergies can strike at any age

(HealthDay)—You might be surprised to learn that food allergies can start in adulthood and involve a food you’ve eaten without a problem for your entire life. For adults as well as kids, the top—but not the only—food culprits are eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, wheat and soy, according to the American College […]