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The Essentials To Pack For An International Trip

If you’re gearing up for an international trip, lucky you! You’re probably pretty excited, but you might be wondering what it is you need for a trip out of the country. You want to save space in your suitcase for souvenirs, but there’s little worse on a trip than to get there and find out you’ve […]

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How To Date If You Have An Anxious Attachment Style

Dating in today’s day and age looks nothing like it once did. While people used to connect with their dates on surface level likes and dislikes, these days, we have the chance to learn more about our partners than ever before. From horoscope compatibility, to love languages, and even our Myers-Briggs personality types (via Very […]

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If You’re An Gemini, Do This Workout Routine

The third sign of the Zodiac sometimes gets a tough rap — Geminis are often called “liars”, “two-faced,” or “cheaters,” per InStyle. The truth is, the Gemini is just misunderstood, as it is the only Zodiac sign with a natural duality, as in, two personalities wrapped up in one being. According to Sun Signs, this multiple […]