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Would you take the pill? The German men answered

Recently, researchers have tested a new potential contraceptive for men, with success. The funds should come as a tablet on the market, and as a “pill for the man”. FOCUS Online has interviewed male Users, if you can think of to take the pill. The opinions diverge.

About half of the German men (49.9 percent) can imagine, for contraception, the "Pill for the Mann" to take. This is the result of a representative survey by the opinion research Institute Civey. In the survey, the responses from 3043 participants were taken into account.

The exact question was: "Can you imagine, in principle, to the contraception the 'Pill for the Mann' to take?" Slightly more than one in three Respondents (36 per cent) closes the intake completely. 14.3 percent are undecided.


A clear difference between the West and the East

There is a clear difference between West and East Germany. While in the West the majority of the men (51.8 percent) can imagine, the "Pill for the Mann" to take (34.5% not able to think of it), tend to only 42 percent of East German men. 40 percent of the East Germans are not ready for it.


A small difference was also evident between unmarried, married or widowed or divorced men. Divorced were slightly more likely to be willing, a contraceptive taken (to 54.5 percent), compared with married or verwittweten men (49.9 percent). The slightest willingness showed unmarried men (48.6 percent).


Voters of the SPD, Greens and Left of the contraceptive method are open

No significant differences in terms of age groups. The voters of different parties was the following: In the case of the supporters of the SPD (approximately 64 percent), Green (approximately 60 percent) and the Left (approximately 56 percent) is the fundamental willingness of the "Pill for the Mann" to take, slightly more represented than is the case with followers of the CDU/CSU (approximately 46 percent), the FDP (about 50 percent) and the AfD (approximately 42 percent).


The survey was created against the Backdrop that researchers at the University of Washington recently tested a hormonal active ingredient. This inhibits the production of the body’s own testosterone in the testes and interfere with sperm production. The funds should come as a tablet on the market and as a "Pill for the Mann" serve.

Last year, scientists tested a drug that has been proved as a potential contraceptive. The new active ingredient 11-Beta-Methyl-19-nortestosterone-Dodekylcarbonat or short-11-Beta-MNTDC has now provided an even better test results.