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Women to take in Stress in the Job

Especially in women, a high work could contribute to the pressure that you put on weight. A study from Sweden, for the working women were observed for over 20 years.

Compared to women who were exposed to greater training requirements, stressed-out women within 20 years, 20 percent more. It was irrelevant what level of education had the women, and also the diet and other factors showed no correlations.

Sofia Klingberg, researcher in community medicine and public health at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, says: "We were able to determine that high job demands had an influence on the weight gain of women, while for men there was no link." It is believed that this could be due to the double burden of career and family: they make it difficult for women to find time for a healthy life style and Sport.

Of 3,872 study participants were interviewed three times within 20 years, according to your body weight and the demands at work. The scientists are of the opinion that a reduction in stress in susceptible individuals could help to avoid weight gain and to stay in the long term healthier.