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What changes in the mouth are harmless – and when you have to go to the doctor – Video

The oral changes mucosa that is usually a first warning signal. Because the oral cavity reflects, in many cases, the health of our body. Dentist Markus Felber explains what may be behind the mucous membrane of the mouth changes.

Bad breath, a dry mouth, pads or painful inflammation of may indicate that the oral mucosa is altered. This can be harmless, but also to serious diseases. Dentist Markus Felber explains what may be behind this, “Often systemic diseases in the oral cavity is noticeable. Our organism is disturbed, you can read the on the oral mucosa.“

Discoloration of the oral cavity

Behind color changes in the tongue, of the palate or of the pharynx, for example, can put fungal diseases. A so-called “raspberry tongue” could indicate scarlet fever. Also in the case of measles is red spots on the palate.

The body of the blood is infested with diseases that can develop in a point-shaped bleeding of the oral mucosa. Pale lips and mucous membranes may be indicative of a anemia.

According to Felber, the liver make problems, or bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease in the mouth is noticeable. Through slightly yellow-colored, or swollen mucous membranes.

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Serious health risks

Especially in old age, many people complain of a dry mouth. Felber, “explains the moisture of the mucous membranes, need to be stimulated saliva formation. Because the less saliva, the more sensitive is the mucous membrane.“ The saliva we produce, in order to protect the oral mucosa. You will not be protected, is the mouth more susceptible to bacteria.

Changes in oral mucous membranes can also point to serious local diseases in the mouth, such as tumors. Especially Smoking and alcohol promote there tissue damage.

Take changes in your mouth is true, you should clarify this with a doctor. In some cases, this seriously can have increasing causes.