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Typical symptoms and what can help

The menopause start in women in the ovary. If the maturation of the ova subsides gradually, and also decreases the hormone production. In particular, the lack of Estrogen in the female body budget is noticeable and leads to the typical symptoms. About 70 to 80 percent of all women in the menopause, hot flushes, a third of them. Often sweating and sleeping problems may occur, many women also report dryness of the vagina, and frequent bladder infections.

The change of years, in the technical language of menopause is called, describe the natural living section of the fertile to infertile Phase of a woman. The number of ova in the ovaries is determined by the birth. “From the occurrence in the menstrual period each month to be consumed ova – at some point, the Reservoir is emptied,” explains Sybille Görlitz-Novakovic, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Berlin. “This is the beginning of menopause.” Most of these five to ten years.

Menopause usually occurs at the age of 52

Menopause is the time at which the woman gets the last Time your rule, on average, this happens at the age of 52. Thereafter, the ovaries produce very small amounts of Estrogen. Usually, hormone production is not adjusted from one day to another. “Rather, it is driven down slowly. The first signs of the onset of menopause are often bleeding disorders and an irregular cycle,” says the gynecologist. Then women notice the first symptoms.

What are the symptoms how strong is occur is different. The therapy should be adapted to it: “Some women suffer greatly from the symptoms and put great hope in the intake of hormones,” says Görlitz-Novakovic. For many years, Physicians assumed that such hormone replacement therapy could increase the risk of cancer. They were therefore used only hesitantly. In the meantime, the assumption is, however, in several studies.

Also Embarrassing to talk openly

She advises patients to talk to Doctors openly about the complaints, even if it may seem unpleasant. “A little child step -, the vaginal atrophy is treated often. This is a vaginal malfunction,” says Görlitz-Novakovic. This can lead to dryness and pain in the genital area. “Often this is not addressed, although the women suffer extremely.” Useful could be, for example, a vaginal laser treatment.

In addition to medical treatment, women can take steps to relieve discomfort: “When patients feel in the first line, tired and beaten off, can help a good diet or supplements,” says the Doctor. And exercise on a regular basis.

Men can also come in the menopause – the term is used here less often. “For example, men report that there has been a General deterioration of well-being, you are more sweating, sleep disturbances, and stronger mood swings,” explains Professor Frank Sommer, President of the German society for men and health. In addition, it can cause a decreasing Libido or erectile dysfunction.

In men, the hormones are just as responsible: In General, it’s the testosterone, says summer. In addition, individual’s physical changes play in this age phase, a large role. “It is not only decreases muscle strength, but also the abdominal circumference slowly. The so-called bad belly fat is also responsible for ensuring that the testosterone is metabolized in female hormones,” explains summer.

Can prevent men, by paying attention to your life-style, regularly moving, muscle-stimulating Exercises, eat a balanced diet and avoid Stress. In the case of very severe symptoms, treatment with drugs or hormones to be possible: “Sometimes it helps, over a period of time, testosterone supply, until the men have more drive to change their life style positively,” explains summer. Others are dependent for a lifetime on the hormone dispenser as it is on the individual case.