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To all of you, the go now is still out: Are you out of your way completely?

This Text is not aimed at the majority. The majority of people in our country has understood the seriousness of the situation. No one knows exactly what will happen to us, but most of you know, what could happen to us, if we do everything we can to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. You know how important it is to back off, to reduce the social contacts to the health care system before the collapse. For these people, this Text is not.


Life in times of Corona: Like the Virus, our country has changed

This Text is directed at you, sitting her tightly in the cafes, your kids on playgrounds and parties celebrating. To those who do all of the warnings as a “panic” dismiss and laugh about it. To those who do not abide by the quarantine rules. To all of you, not for something Better, because you belong to the risk group. To anyone who thinks it’s cool, and particularly rebellious in this Situation, instructions to ignore.

Are you out of your way completely?

Your behavior is divisive and selfish

We are dealing now, however, long and intensive enough with the subject, the understood should have, what it’s about. However, many take the issue of still not serious. It must be happening only with open eyes and ears to the world, to see what. Even if you have not reached the warnings of the scientists, even if you understand the context, you mean, the schools were closed for the fun of it, or all of the events are cancelled, because you want to spoil your leisure time? All of these measures have a meaning, and it is high time that you understand it.

Everyone can (and probably will be) infected, anyone can infect others, the many infect others. This chain needs to be urgently interrupted because we have to many seriously ill patients at once. Then there are a lot of deaths. So far, in brief, the facts. But facts don’t seem to be of interest to you. Otherwise, you would not go in full awareness, despite the Forbidden and celebrate the “Corona Party” call. With this behavior, you endanger yourself and others. Ignorant, unsolidarischer, antisocial as it can get.

The fight against the Coronavirus: It is not the time to be something Special

Yes, public life is currently severely restricted. And Yes, that is our first counter. We are used to living in an open society, in which we move freely and be allowed to live out. It is not easy to separate them. But there are situations in which the weighs generally more than the individual freedom of the Individual. Now is the time to be something Special is not. Now it comes to keep in the interest of all the rules.

So strange, this is not. In daily life, we know exactly where our boundaries are. We will keep the cutter on the highway, or the tax evaders for role models, because you desire your freedom, not restrict? No. They are simply criminal. And bring still less people in danger as it could be a Coronavirus infection potentially.

Imagine, it would be your grandma

Behind this selfishness is. Young people do not rest on the knowledge that they belonged to ‘ Yes ‘ to the “risk group” and take that as a free pass to continue life as before. If you don’t belong to the group that is at risk due to the Coronavirus, especially, you’re in luck. But you also have a special responsibility. Just you can take the Virus and spread, without realizing it at all. Will suffer, especially the elderly.

The sounds may still be abstract. Then, imagine that it is your father, your mother, your grandma, your grandpa, your neighbor. For you like the Virus is largely harmless, but if we – especially if your so is each of us, the effects in his immediate environment to feel get. In this situation, to think only of their own health, it means to think from twelve to noon.

To the Older: Please, be selfish!

This Text is not just for the Younger set, consider the matter carelessly. It is also aimed at the older ladies and gentlemen. If you are already in a somewhat advanced age – I’m sorry for the tone. But here it comes to your health. Therefore, an entire country operating on the bare minimum down. While for others not to think only of themselves, came for the time to be selfish.

And here too, this means: to withdraw, to stay at home, as few contacts as possible. Some argue that they had survived the Second world war, something worse would not come. But a disease has no respect for the live performance.

Because of you, the output is now threatening to lock

Maybe this Text can’t shake some wax, maybe. Maybe it is already too late. All the well-intentioned warnings and recommendations seem to have had no effect had. Very well possible, that the government has no other choice than to impose in the next few days, a curfew. That would be a very visible example of how the irresponsible Act can have less impact on the lives of all have, 80 million people are likely to leave even for the most necessary errands of the house, because some of the unteachable men could not forego two days of sun.

There will be difficult days and weeks in this country. The Coronavirus crisis will be with us. a lot of demand: Those who need to stay home, but first and foremost, those who suffer severely and those who are care for medical for you The Virus can affect anyone. But there is also something Beautiful: Everyone can contribute his part, that the worst is prevented. Not only powerful politicians, not only clever scientist or a rich entrepreneur, but without exception each. With the simplest action, to just stay at home and do nothing. This can’t be so hard.

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