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These countries in Europe, the loosening of Corona rules

The desire for a return to normality in front of the corona of a crisis is large. Many European countries, vehicles for the start of the week on further steps: for example, some countries open their schools, others, however, allow the shops to open its doors again. Also, museums and hairdressers, may, in many places, receive visitors, and customers. An Overview:

Coronavirus: This country will not loosen

Switzerland: Around eight weeks after the closure of may on Monday, kindergartens and schools, shops, Restaurants and museums re-open. Sport in groups of up to five persons is permitted. Except in schools everywhere hygiene measures as well as distance are required. Who can, should continue to work from home, so there is no jostling in public transport. Closed cinemas, Casinos, swimming pools, fitness centres and campsites to stay until the beginning of June. Masks are not mandatory, but for example in Bus and train is recommended.


A second wave of Infection could come – then the question is: do we Want to Sweden?

France: From Monday, can the people without a pass in front of the door. The restrictions for sports or walks away. Also, the shops should open again. Restaurants and Bars are to remain. In less severely affected departments of Parks and gardens are allowed to open again. Step is to open schools and crèches. The freedom of movement remains restricted. If you want more than 100 kilometers (previously: 1 kilometres away) far away, you need a valid reason. In the Paris Metro have priority at peak times, passengers with certification of the employer. In public transport masks are now mandatory.

Belgium: After a week long ban again all the shops are open, but under strict hygiene conditions. For mother’s day were already relaxed on Sunday limitations: Each household is now allowed to receive four persons. It must, however, always be the same and you should only visit a household. The distance requirement shall continue to apply.

The Netherlands: After two months of open basic schools – first for the half of the students per day. Also, daycare centers and libraries are open again. Hairdressers, Beauty Salons and mass may your receive customers. Outdoor Sport is allowed again – but without the body contact and only if a safety distance of 1.5 metres is maintained.

Denmark: The whole of the retail sector may open it again – also the shopping malls.

Czech Republic: shops in shopping centers may open. After almost two months, people can also go back to the hairdresser, as long as this mouth is wearing protection and protective visor. The operation in museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and concert halls, is allowed to start. Here, a maximum of 100 people may be at once admitted, visitors must comply with minimum clearances. This is also true for weddings, sports events and Church services. The regular international travel with Bus, train and plane will be re-admitted. For foreigners a far-reaching entry is valid but stop.

Spain: The country is regionally different: The Balearic Islands with the main island of Mallorca, the Basque country and other regions will begin “Phase 1” of the normalization. Hotels, Restaurants, and Outdoor Bars are allowed to open it again. In other regions, such as Catalonia or Valencia are loose only limited allowed. The capital city of Madrid and the metropolis of Barcelona to stay in “Phase 0” with strict outgoing lock. In the cities and provinces that meet the conditions for the relaxations already allowed in the circle of friends and family now take up to ten people.

Greece: With the Opening of all shops of the retail trade will begin the second Phase of the restart of the economy. A third of workers, according to information from the government back to the workplace. Also, the last classes of the high schools back in the good schools, so you can take the exams.

Norway: the older students are back in class. For nearly two weeks, the students of the fifth through tenth stages as well as the secondary schools were not allowed to First – to fourth-grade students back to school, however. In Finland , the schools on Thursday to re-open.

Estonia: shopping malls are allowed to open it again, and its Restaurants and cafes. Cinemas, bowling alleys or areas of the game must remain tight. Visitors are encouraged to cover in shops the mouth and nose. Also museums and exhibition halls will be accessible again. Are allowed for groups of up to ten people.

Lithuania: EU citizens and foreigners with visas are allowed to enter the country. From Germany, in addition to the ferry from Kiel to Klaipeda (Memel) can also be driven on the routes from Rostock and Travemünde again. But Passengers have to travel 14 days in quarantine. Except for work commuters, business travelers and students from Poland and later on also the Estonians and Latvians. The three Baltic States, open for 15. May their common borders.

Slovenia: Hotels with less than 30 beds, camping places, restaurants and amusement parks may re open.

Croatia: restaurants, the outdoors, and shopping centers may open it again. Domestic travel will be facilitated, but remain limited. The public long-distance transport and domestic flights will be resumed. Meet up to ten persons are allowed, if distance is kept. Day-care centres and primary schools re-open.

Serbia: In Belgrade, open day-care centres and primary schools for children whose parents have to work.

United Kingdom: In England to the people, not in the home office can work, in compliance with the spacing rules to go back to work. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday. In addition, starting on Wednesday, returned to full physical activities in the Free are allowed to be – in the circle of one’s own household. So far, the British were allowed to leave only once a day in the house for sports or for a walk. Travel within England, such as to national parks or to the coast, will also be admitted again. The relaxations do not apply to the British parts of the country, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

No major changes are there to the start of the week, among other things, in Italy, Austria, Poland, the Slovakia, Latvia and Hungary.

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