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The lucrative business with the Old

Artur Frank had the right intuition. His idea ten years ago to teach Old in Eastern European homes, a beats. Care tourism pure: The eight old age homes in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, the Franks company’s senior Palace, is almost full with German, Austrians, Swiss. “We have 200 requests for our house on lake Balaton in Hungary, we can’t use. A even for a place in 2024,” says the 60-Year-old. And at the same time, the Boom scares him. Fear of windy business creators.

In Spain, a Couple of German pensioners miss to is and the 101-year-old Maria B., possibly, even murdered. They wanted your money. (Read more about it here.) Such messages could there be in the future, given the rising interest in the old headquarters abroad.

“With each new provider, the risk increases,” says Frank. He has experienced a lot of that want to jump on the train. In the Czech Republic, he had discovered a Pension that masquerades as a nursing home. “As people live with care of the grade 4 and 5.” Care of the severely needy, in need of constant help. “This can’t go well,” says Frank, adding industry, also to the reputation of the emerging Industry.

In view of the increasing number of now 3.4 million people in Germany, the majority in the retirement age, the need to find care alternatives for many people to bitter necessity. Some shy away from the German care system, in which there is a lack of trained forces. More than 400,000 people are not able to pay for your care and refer “help for care”. The Budget is not increased, if the pension and care for the rich money for the often multiple Thousands of dollars own share in the home place and members will not be able to help. But for many people, this gift is embarrassing.

Half as expensive as in Germany

Some of them are now in homes such as that of Frank, in the nursing homes on the Canary Islands, Spain or even Thailand or the Philippines. Almost every third German who lives in Spain, is over 65 years old. The number of German seniors in the Czech Republic has doubled in a decade, is rising in Hungary. In other European countries, the care is paid in money, not in kind. In Asia, there is not both, but often it is to live there, so cheap, that the pension is sufficient alone.

Half as expensive as in Germany, the place in a home in Eastern Europe for the seniors. Had initially just come up strongly in need of care, were many sprightly pensioners in its residential facilities, said Frank. “They come from a financial concern that you can’t pay for their care once, and the pension is not enough now. You do not want to burden their children often.” Also, some children bring their parents, some seriously demented, in a foreign home.

This can go well. For 50 residents, many a house has been abroad for almost 40 nurses. Of which the home occupant can only dream of in Germany often. With so much more staff, more time with the Old and the sick, spend time in guided walks and help in the Hobby.

In an Internet forum user Peter Else writes at the beginning of February, how happy he is about the decision for abroad. It was “for my family, the only way to be able to a affordable care course. In addition, the handling of senior citizens is much more loving than in German homes”.

Difficult To Control

However, the More staff and the Savings fool you quickly about the dangers. “Homes abroad need not be automatically bad. But it is much riskier to be in need of care. You can easily be ripped off,” warns care expert Claus Fussek, who accompanied the care situation in Germany since years. “How do I want to control as a pair at this distance, whether there is a need of Care is well taken care of, if we already have here enough of the fates, where the Old in home in bed all day and forget?”

Especially the greed for money is likely to make some of the homes in abroad to a similarly limited staff-sized business. In the case of a mediator, Frank last autumn, financial investors showed their interest. You wanted to be in one of the houses. Frank refused. He worries that now, more and more chains in the homes of pushing and there fast and bad for the inhabitants wanted to grow.

Especially in a Demented Argument, you would not be anyway to see where they were coming fast. Fussek resents this attitude. Because these helpless people are in need of a well-known environment that offers them safety and people who care. Often the homes are more than a thousand kilometers away from the next-of-kin.

“In Spain we have a lot of older people who went there when they were still Spry, and there are familiar and feel comfortable. How to get at all the idea of an old, long – term care and vulnerable people in a perhaps even unidentified country to deport. To me, it sounds like toxic waste endzulagern,” said Fussek.