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The cigarette remains forever

The last pack of cigarettes lies crumpled in the trash can, the ashes are disposed of in an ashtray and the lighters away: stop Smoking is one of the most common resolutions for the new year. But most of the time, only a few. In a recent British study, only 15% of smokers who wanted to quit cigarettes permanently from your life banish.

These eight points can help keep:

The benefits are quickly noticeable

Three days after the last cigarette, the function of the respiratory system, improves the German cancer research center (Deutsches krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) have been reported. After only a week, the blood pressure drops, and after about nine months, coughing and shortness of breath go back, the paranasal sinuses and in the lungs, the mucus dissolves. Also, the risk for infections decreases.

Two years after stopping Smoking, a former smoker has nearly the same risk for cardiovascular diseases such as non-Smoking. After five years, the risk for cancer decreases disease in the oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, and bladder in half. Also, the risk of stroke can already drop two to five years on the of a smoker.

Smoking brings with it years of life

According to the DKFZ-calculations, more than ten cigarettes per day men Rob an average of 9.4 and women with 7.3 years of life. Also, a moderate consumption of less than ten cigarettes per day reduces life expectancy in both sexes is still about five years.

At the worst it is to be male, obese, heavy smoker, drinks a lot of alcohol and a lot of red meat eating – he looses against the others with the lowest risk profile for up to 17 years to life expectancy. In women it is 13.9 years.

Non-Smoking save money

A cigarette currently costs about 32 cents. Anyone who smokes for ten years, per day for about ten cigarettes, thus approximately 11.680 euros for Fags. For the money there is also a private Sauna with LED-sky, calculated the savings calculator in the action are smoke-free by the Federal centre for health education (BZgA). At 30 cigarettes per day cost of more than 70,000 euros to accumulate over 20 years.

Good preparation helps

Experts advise people to set a specific date for the smoke to stop. The should, according to the DKFZ in a stress-free time. In addition, it is advisable to steer clear of, especially in the first weeks of situations that encourage Smoking, like a night in a pub in a Smoke. Instead, for example, Sport can provide a distraction.

If you stop Smoking, often feels uncomfortable, restless and easily irritable. The Affected person is often plagued by Hunger and thirst. Tea, water, fresh fruit and sugar-free chewing gum can help through the initial physical withdrawal symptoms – as well as patches, tablets or inhalers that contain nicotine. The advantage of the replacement products: smokers can concentrate on their psychological dependence.

The four A

Pub, Stress at work, boredom: Who wants to quit Smoking, again and again in situations, where the urge to smoke is great. “Then it’s time to leave the Situation as quickly as possible and with something else,” advises the Federal centre for health education. Also, it might help to take a deep breath, at best ten Times. The relax and push the smoke to the request. These recommendations will also Distract Postpone the four A-tips, to Dodge, to Run away,.

In case of doubt, a bit thicker

On average, people take three to five kilos when they stop Smoking. Anyone who wants to prevent it, must be of iron, especially in the first three months. In this period the belly, love handles, and Butt grow in ex-smokers the most. However, there is the weight gain significant differences. Some take even if you give up Smoking.

And: A small increase in weight is often healthier than Smoking. According to a study by 2016 Ex-smokers up to 40 kg, up to your excess weight shortens your life-time, much the same as the consumption of cigarettes.

Here, there is help

Behavioral therapies can increase the probability significantly, and Smoking in the long term. Discussions, role-plays, or group meetings to show new paths for situations in which the Affected otherwise, for the cigarette would grab. The costs are partially covered by health insurance. Offers of the three largest health insurance companies, you can find here:

Technical Krankenkasse, Barmer, DAK.

Setbacks are okay

Only the least-is immediately able to stop Smoking. Ex-smokers should see setbacks, therefore, relaxed. How difficult is the withdrawal of falls also depends on the degree of physical and psychological dependence. The internationally recognized Fagerström Test reveals the severity of the dependence. It is important to remain according to the DKFZ after a relapse, more optimistic.