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Sweeteners are healthier than sugar?

Sugar is unhealthy and makes you fat, is the common opinion. Many health-conscious people pay attention, therefore, on a sugar reduced diet. Also, products with natural or artificially produced sweeteners are supposed to help. "Healthier make these sugar substitutes, however, not unbedingt", Ingrid Töws from the Institute for evidence in medicine at the University of Freiburg says. She has evaluated over a period of 50 studies on this subject.

After a systematic literature search, the researchers selected 56 studies for their analysis. Here they found neither the adult consumer nor in children is convincing evidence of a clear health enhancing effect of alternative sweeteners in comparison to conventional sugar. Thus, a weight can be, for example, reduction in overweight children and adults is not clearly documented. Conversely, the researchers can’t exclude on the basis of the available literature, the harmful effects of the chemical Compounds safe.

Meanwhile, a variety of sweeteners, which differ not only in taste but also in view of the fact exists, as the organism processes them, according to the researcher, in the journal The BMJ. Again and again they are suspected to increase the risk for Obesity, Diabetes or even cancer. Given the overall lack of data, wishes Töws methodologically flawless studies with a sufficiently long observation period. This should be substances, the effects of different doses and combinations of Sugar, both in the healthy population as well as sick people and Pregnant women examine.

Together with other European colleagues Töws has examined the extent to which normal and overweight individuals on various health values such as body weight, blood sugar, eating habits, blood pressure, dental health, risk of cancer and other diseases of the organs of a replacement of the "herkömmlichen" Sugar by naturally occurring or synthetic Alternatives such as Stevia and cyclamate benefit.