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Special seat-Training prevents fainting

People often fall into a swoon, could benefit from a special pitch Training. This could be avoided in a study of unconscious strengths so well that the patients ‘ quality of life improved massively. The researchers reported at the Congress of the European society of cardiology.

The pitch training was developed to train the autonomic nervous system, the heart rate and blood pressure controls. As a result, it should respond as you Raise better on the new body position. "We have dealt with teachers who were in the class-room in a swoon and give up work mussten", the study’s author, Dr. Sergio Laranjo from the hospital Santa Marta in Lisbon, said. "None of the conventional treatments had helped, but after the pitch training, you ceased to be unconscious, and were able to resume their work." 86 percent of the patients had fallen to 5.5 years after the treatment in impotence.

Every second man suffers during his life, a brief loss of consciousness, some of them recurring. These persons are restricted in their normal lives out of fear of another Fainting spell. The unconsciousness – medical syncope called –is caused by a drop in blood pressure and/or a reduced heart rate. This often happens when Standing in hot, crowded rooms, or when you Stand up too quickly. Some patients take not perceive any warning signs, and also medications or devices will not help you.

In the study, 102 patients with an average age of 46 years. In the hospital they were tilted on a special table in multiple sessions for 20 to 30 minutes to 60 or 70 degrees, wherein the blood pressure monitored, and an electrocardiogram (ECG) were recorded. To at home you will sit daily for 30 minutes with 60-70 degree incline in bed, with extra pillows to sleep, a quick Straighten up to avoid, drink plenty per day 30 minutes of Aerobic Exercises. Aerobics should train your muscles and the cardiovascular System, because the fear of a collapse had led to that the patients become very inactive.