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Protection against the Corona effect: the donor is liberated according to the star article doctor’s practice, from an emergency situation

This call will remind, Victor Lorenzo da Silva, probably for a long time. The star had the Franco-Spanish physician, reported that the protective clothing to go out, and he did not know how he, his patients, in view of the threat posed by the Coronavirus still should handle, especially since he Corona-Affected in his practice, had. A predicament that many doctor’s offices knew, as masks, protective clothing and disinfectants were not long to get a simple to – and certainly not in the of the pandemic is particularly severe in affected Spain.

Dr. Lorenzo treated with da Silva in his practice on the Costa del Sol, mainly German patients. But just as the doctor stopped to have emergency garbage bag slipped over, and to continue to practice, came the call that the doctor describes as “incredible, really incredible”.

Corona crisis

As a doctor in Spain: "I’m powerless, angry, sad, and have yourself Angst"

At the other end of the line reported one of his patients, and reported that he had in the star about the plight of the physician and his practice, read. Him was not clear that the situation was as bad as described. And then he asked for Victor Lorenzo da Silva-important question: “What do you need?”

Plenty of masks and disinfectants

From then on, the good story took its course. The patron who wants to remain anonymous, left his business relations, play, and visited the practice in a comparatively short period of time with gallons of disinfectant, Thousands FFP2 protective masks, as well as a number of sets of protective clothing for the doctor and his four assistants – in gratitude for Lorenzo-treated da Silva recognized the serious illness of a family member at an early stage and successfully. Only the only once usable SURGICAL protection gown, to be worn in dealing with (potentially) infectious patients, were not also obtain for the generous donors. Therefore, he bought the practice of a washing machine, so that the new acquired sets can be washed, so that everyone in the practice team, there are three sets on the day, reported by Lorenzo da Silva.

And in the coming days, the receipt will bar the practice, also with a protective glass pane, more equipped, so the doctor. Finally, the pandemic was not “in a month”, – quotes the doctor to its patrons. At around 20,000 euros, the equipment units themselves, with the help of Dr. Lorenzo his patients now, despite all the threat posed by the Coronavirus is still safely treat can.

“Can’t believe it myself half the time”

Grateful the doctor could barely. “I can not believe it,” admits the physician to the star. “The fact that there are people in such a Situation, it is actually all bad – because even the Rich die of Corona – that there is someone who has the ability to tell me why I should not help here,” the have him, Silva is very impressed, so Lorenzo da. After all, he was just doing his Job as a doctor, he protested. Without the patrons, the practice would now be in big trouble, and Lorenzo da Silva. Because protective equipment is to get a simple Doctors in Spain is still very hard to come by. Its only with a lot of Persuasion in China is concerned, far overpriced masks camped out for weeks in a Container in Madrid, due to excessive bureaucracy, with no prospect that he could soon have access to it.

Emotional Encounter

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But may be relieved by the doctor that he can develop for his patients, without the fear of Covid-19. In the meantime, the measures to be taken against the spread of the Virus were relaxed too in the Costa del Sol, but it is still far from to be able to really freely move, reported by Lorenzo da Silva. After all, you see now people on the street and Bars could at least serve out there drinks. However, some of the area that you avoid this time of year as a Local, normally, because, due to the holiday guests too much, was still virtually empty of people. Now that a little more life was possible, find it good, because the state of exception, “a slow-mellow”. But as a doctor, he had to Ensure that the lead relaxations, the number of Corona-rise of the Infected again. “We can throw months back,” says Victor Lorenzo da Silva. However, even for this case, his practice is ready now.

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