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Pregnancy after miscarriage – a woman talks about her experience

With both hands, the midwife pressed into the bulging tummy and scans the abdominal wall. Then, you together will lay their hands and formed a semi-sphere. “This is a handful of Baby,” explains the midwife, the size of the unborn child. “Madness,” says the mother. More words the 39-Year-old did not in this Moment. You know that this is a step in the right direction, that their first child was never this big. But also a heart sound is heard?

One and a half years earlier: The woman, who asked not to be named, is the first Time pregnant with a “unplanned-a-wish kid”. Intuitively she knows that she is expecting a child, the woman’s doctor to confirm the suspicion. The joy of the Couple who comes from the Region around Würzburg is great. However, in the case of the second examination, the gynecologist can not detect a heart sound: The child is dead.

About to fail births hardly spoken

Fails are not uncommon births – but is talked about very little. The President of the professional Association of women doctors, Christian Albring, assumes that, in Germany, almost a third of all pregnancies to be terminated up to the third month, by abortions. “After that, only less than ten percent in the case of younger women, before the child is Mature enough to Survive. In women over 35 the risk of Miscarriage increases, however,” says the gynecologist.


Baby after 13 miscarriages: "I can’t believe you are really me gehört"

One of the so-called high-risk pregnancies over 35 years under Eva. She says she would have liked to have waited until her body had repelled the child, of course. But as their fruit is bursting bubble, advises your wife to a doctor urgently to a curettage of the uterus. In the tenth week of pregnancy, the fetus is removed surgically. “I had the feeling that since my child died the second Time,” says the Drogistin.

After that, you see kids everywhere – on the street, in waiting rooms, at friends. According to Albring, the Grieving process is easier if the Couple has children. This was not the case and the child is already in a relationship, is the process particularly difficult.

The mother and her husband already had a name for the unborn child. While he was in Silent mourning, she searches for a solution – psychological help was offered to her, neither of her woman doctor in the clinic after the curettage. Today, the 39-Year-old, of course, is by means of a bracelet: “always in my heart” is on the leather band, to the three silver pendants to hang.

They bear the names of the parents and the unborn baby. You’ve worn much, says the woman. “I needed something that showed me that he exists.” At these words tears come to your eyes, your voice breaks. Later you will tell your child that there was already one in front of him. She puts her hands on her belly. In April, the child should come to the world.

In the fifth month, all should know about it

In würzburg birthplace of a dozen midwives take care of Pregnant women, which can bring in two rooms of your children to the world. At a wooden table in the middle of the room, the mother, the midwife, sitting opposite. They answered questions about the birth and clarifies further investigation. Concentrated the 39, listen-Year-old. If you told a Baby in her belly, she smiles: “at The Moment, I always feel a Flutter and the Bubbles, like soap bubbles.”

This happiness you and your husband have held, unlike the first pregnancy secret for a long time. As the pregnancy test is positive, both are overjoyed. But the woman hesitates for the first doctor’s appointment. To your child, you want to first approach anyone, it should grow as in a cocoon approach.

With the new pregnancy, hope is not coming back, it is also a return to Counting in weeks. The tenth week, in which they lost their first child, tried to ignore them, as she describes. After that, it will be better. Only in the fifth month, the Couple from the pregnancy told. The Unborn child is well-grown, the confidence returns. Only now, the future begins at the end of the mother, the stroller, clothes and furniture to choose.

Also, the dates in the birth house, a certain amount of return, the wife was already registered for her first pregnancy. The midwife would like to check how to do it to the child. Tense the mother pushes her sweater up. The clack-clack of the measuring device shows that The heart beats.

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