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Plastic surgery – It’s more than just narcissism, and Instagram

If you look in the Yellow Press, you think that the number of plastic surgery was going to explode. The data in the United States say something else: By 2018 250,000 more operations were carried out as 2017. That sounds huge, but based on the amount of 15.9 million intervention, which is only an increase of a meager 1.6 percent. We must remember that important factors make such an Operation more attractive. Progress in the treatment technology will lead to more security, in addition, the intervention will be cheaper. In addition, more and more people to see since the advent of the Smartphones, pictures, and so a kind of permanent Negative Feedback may be exposed.

Quickly, the impression arises that most of the patients go for a narcissistic image, or serious psychological problems to the so-called “beauty surgeons” tables. The addition of the “beauty” shows a tendency. In fact, a main field of plastic surgery is the restoration of appearance after illness, operations or accidents. In the “South China Morning Post,” broke in Dr. Kevin WL Mo a lance for the alleged cosmetic surgery. Mo works in Hong Kong at the Matilda International Hospital and specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The company in Hong Kong is not so open-minded or obsessed with plastic surgery, as in other Asian countries. The topic is considered more of a taboo.

OP’s can make you happy

However, Mo believes that plastic surgery can improve the physical and mental health and far more do, than to look only for a good appearance. “We take the breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, for example,” he said of the “SCMP”. “So you can feel the patient back, rather than on a daily basis to your disease reminds you when the distortion due to the Lack of your chest.”

So it will many patients are possible to take quickly in the environments in which they have to bare. “The research shows that patients undergoing a reconstructive surgery, have fewer psychosocial problems such as anxiety and depression after mastectomy, and better social integration.”

These beneficial effects will not be but recognized, as a patient, told the blade. You wish, even years after their breast cancer surgery to remain anonymous because she fears the reaction of the environment. “People will think I’m vain, because I’ve done this, but to have no Breasts, would be unbearable for me. It could have been me, my relationship, my children, my faith, it would have influenced everything. Some procedures are not just a nice addition; they are a necessity.”

Here is a clear connection with a disease, but also pure beauty operations, improve the way of life, says Dr Mo. In Hong Kong, eyelid surgery are among the three most popular interventions. “Patients with sagging eyelids appear tired all the time, even if you are it,” says Mo. This is perceived in the workplace as well as in the society.

Appearance shapes the social life

Also, the Aspiration of fat or a breast augmentation can help patients Fears abzubauem new self-confidence. The study “Well-Being From the Knife? Psychological Effects of Aesthetic Surgery” (2013), supports this assumption. They examined two groups of patients. Both were interested in engagement, a part of the people let him perform, the other decided against it. All participants were contacted on several occasions. All in all, the Operation had a positive effect on quality of life, life satisfaction, attractiveness and sense of self-worth.

Dr. Stephanie Lam, a specialist in plastic surgery in the Central Health Medical Practice, supplemented in “SCMP”, that is also the subject of breast surgery and interventions in the abdominal wall had only optical reasons. One of their patients would have constantly had pain because of her heavy Breasts, the woman is at night, can hardly sleep. “She was after your breast reduction surgery happier.” Also in the case of a tummy tuck, it is not just Aesthetics, after a birth.

Even if a young woman has a hanging abdomen, a severe impairment can be. “This is only half the battle. The important part is that it will repair the separated abdominal muscle and back pain, and urinary incontinence.”

Share of problem patients

Both Doctors warn of the lure of the “medical tourism”, because then the cost-effective treatment is to be conducted primarily as a business. In addition to the planned surgical intervention, the price will be offered, All at an enticing package. In spite of all the advantages of surgical interventions are no panacea for emotional and mental disorders. “A minority of our patients has an underlying psychological Problem, which is why they want a cosmetic change. Especially when you ask repeatedly for further operations.”

This finding corresponds to the results of the study, “A Review of Psychosocial Outcomes for Patients Seeking Cosmetic Surgery”. They found that the vast majority was with their Operation and the consequences of not satisfied and the procedure a positive effect on your life had. But there is also a group of patients, where the opposite is the case, the mental health is getting worse. On patients whose Problem is not their Appearance seems to be, but your soul, the beauty surgeon Artur Worseg with the star.

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Who has unrealistically high expectations of what should result in an Operation that is likely to be disappointed, says the study. Basically, women seem to benefit more from the operations and men are more likely to be disappointed. Breast enlargement or reduction are the intervention, the psycho-logically seen the least problems and the greatest happiness potential.

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"It is the Falschen&#034 come often;: A beauty surgeon about a small nose and big dreams

The beauty surgeon Artur Worseg speaks in the star-Interview about women and men, which is a Problem sometimes, not even her Appearance seems to be, but your soul.