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Parkinson’s disease is announced years in advance: These warning signs you can’t ignore

The presenter Frank Elstner is one of up to 400,000 Affected with Parkinson’s disease in Germany. The disease of the nervous system only in the advanced stage of the well-known movement disorders. But there are early signs – that you should not ignore.

Trembling hands, unsteady gait, and rigid facial Expressions – these symptoms reveal a Parkinson’s disease.

However, these signs of illness occur only if the affected nerve cells are largely eliminated.

The early symptoms are not so clear, hardly anyone with the nerve disease. This is tragic, because an early onset of therapy can attenuate the progression of the disease and slow down. Because Parkinson’s disease announces itself insidiously and has early warning signs.

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Parkinson’s disease – a widespread and incurable

Parkinson’s disease is not curable.

According to the German Parkinson’s society, 400,000 people in Germany are affected by the disease. Other estimates are more cautious and speak of around 250,000 Parkinson’s disease patients. You are at the time of diagnosis, on average, 60 years old, more men than women are affected.

The cause of the shaking palsy disease referred to the death of nerve cells in the brain. You then produce dopamine more, with the help of which the body normally controls movements.

Sleep, Smell or digestion problems

The non-specific early symptoms are distributed all over the body and have nothing to do with the motor. It disorders of

  • Digestion, especially with frequent constipation
  • Sense of smell, including reduced taste and wealth
  • Sleep, with violent movements during the dream phases
  • Sexuality, erectile dysfunction
  • in your own handwriting
  • Muscle tension, excessive Stress.

Skin biopsy, making early diagnosis possible

Whether or not one or more of the symptoms are actually, with Parkinson’s disease, Doctors can find out today. Parkinson’s disease can be a small skin sample. The diagnosis is achieved by the detection of certain protein deposits in the nerve endings of the skin in humans in an early stage of the disease.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis, the years before the appearance of the first typical movement disorders, could improve in the future, the progress of the incurable disease by early treatment tremendously. Currently, the outbreak can not be delayed, however, with drugs, or prevented.

Parkinson’s changes the handwriting

A further warning signal the own handwriting. Studies show that the image is altered in Parkinson’s disease: the letters are very small. Sufferers complain that they make the effort to Write enormous.

Other notice and in sports, that your body is something wrong. Jogging or Swimming it feels as if a page from the clock device. The reason is that The classical Parkinson’s disease manifests unilaterally emphasized.

Parkinson’s disease in the family? Then with these symptoms to the doctor

To the doctor Concerned should go, if these symptoms Smoking occur frequently and there is no obvious explanation for this, as the cause of Dysosmia. This is especially true for those who have close relatives with Parkinson’s.

Optionally, an investigation at a specialist for neurodegenerative diseases is advisable. This is particularly important because early initiation of therapy can improve the daily life with the incurable nerve disease.