Personal Health

Our senses are focused on nature and not on a Desk

Lord of life, why we are feeling now the urgent desire to go out?

Because we want to compensate for the lack of light, heat, and fresh air from the past few months. In the Winter we prefer to sit on the Couch. The evolutionary advantage of that the body uses little energy. In the spring, we drive the body back up. Everywhere the spirit of optimism. The trees put out, the bats are waking up from the winter sleep, to brood the birds begin, the first baby animals are born. Why should we be the only beings, the awakening in the spring to a new activity?

What nature can do with us if we are outside?

It grounds us. Our senses are focused on nature and not on a Desk, Computer, and Tablet. In an artificial environment, they are not fully used, our mind is busy in everyday life is very one-sided. We can turn to the outside again. That’s why we feel a cold breath of air or a few drops of Rain in the face as a refreshing.

Where can we find nature in its original variety?

In cultural landscapes, especially on a Meadow with different flowers – the more diverse, the better. We can go in a city Park, us under a tree and relax, such as in the Tiergarten in Berlin, and has held up over the centuries fairly intact.

Nature and city are not mutually.

On The Contrary. Although there is a basic level of noise pollution, the air is very dry, the fine dust pollution. We can, however, also in the city on nature’s part. The diversity of species, where it is now often greater than in agricultural landscapes. In Berlin, for example, the highest hawk density in the world. For birds, the houses are just funny shaped rocks.

Where we recover the best?

At the seaside, in the mountains and in old deciduous forests. It is everywhere, even in big cities. If we are in the deciduous forest, we take part in the chemical tree of communication, and our blood pressure drops. This happens unconsciously. Coniferous trees give off, however, on hot days, an intense smell. The stress is not communication, this is good for us.

You say, the deciduous forest is our home.

Because our brain development is strongly tied to the fire and the preparation of warm meals, we have evolutionary a close bond to wood and to trees. This is why we feel so comfortable when we return from the artificial spaces that surround us in everyday life, in the forest.

What can we learn from trees?

Absolute deceleration and solidarity. Trees cooperate about their roots, their Childhood lasts 200 to 300 years. Most people don’t make it in the nature, take a step back. You see the forest only as a backdrop to make the route and to complete a fitness program, with a precise schedule, and in everyday life. Therefore, I welcome the so-called forest bathing.

This is the Japanese Tradition to go to the forest and to leave him alone.

Yes, we can come down, relax and look at what is there at all. We can learn but also very nice to children. If adults don’t urge you to hurry, make you exactly that: you can have fun in the forest for the first time, then you will be slow and they often hours long-dead tree rum tribes crawl, on which beetles.

New in the Kiosk: “well-living world” – a magazine dedicated to life in and with nature. The issue comes from the house of Gruner year in which the star appears.

What is the impact of sun light and fresh air on our well-being?

We all need heat and actually live much to far to the North. Sun light works as a stimulant, due to its infrared heat flows through the body an intense feeling of well-being. The colors of the forest. You know, that only the views of the trees for the healing of sick people. The combination of fresh air, bright light, heat, green color – this is the perfect feel-good package.

And then it starts to rain and storms.

These stimuli do us good. A lot of numbers to a bunch of money, to the sea, because the weather is often very rough. We can experience just as well at home. The first step is always the hardest. If we go out and us weather dress, quickly, all concerns evaporated. Wet must not be. It’s just a matter that we have rain and cool get Wind in the face. Then we feel like little heroes. It has something of a micro-adventure.

Where do you personally prefer?

In forests, the remains as natural as possible. There isn’t anywhere in Germany, sadly enough, but you can work yeah. Especially nice is the Steigerwald forest in Bavaria, with the thick old Book.

What do you do to the outside to turn off?

In the case of garden work, such as chopping wood or potato, I can relax put myself completely. Walks in the woods with me, however, are rather tiring, because it is difficult for me, my professional view. In a strange forest, I look, first, what made the Forester. This is often not so nice.