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Medications to reduce risk for HIV Transmission to zero

HIV swallow-not Infected your meds, you are contagious, even when having Sex without a condom. This has occupied a large-scale study in men who have Sex with men. Also last doubts were dispelled at this time, the scientists write to Alison Rodger from University College London in the journal “The Lancet”.

Medications can’t cure HIV until today. Those who take the funds systematically, no longer lowers the number of pathogens in his body, but so far, the virus in the blood tests are detectable.

To determine the risk of Transmission in this therapy, the researchers at 75 locations in 14 European countries subjects for their study. On average, participants were 39 years old.

The Requirements:

  • It had to be male couples where only one Partner was infected with HIV and Sex without a condom.
  • In addition, the researchers obtained only one Infected with, in their blood at regular Tests, less than 200 HI-virus per Milliliter of swam. For comparison: In the case of a patient newly infected with HIV exceeds the number of viruses more than 100,000 per Milliliter.

More than 76,000 Times Sex, no infection

Overall, the researchers found 782 homosexual couples who accompanied them on average for two years. In this time, the participants had, in total, grossed more than 76,000 times unprotected anal sex. In the case of any of the contacts, the Virus was passed on within the couples.

Although infected during the study, 15 of the trial participant with HIV. However, all infections were carried out in Sex with third parties, such as analyses of the pathogen showed. “Our results provide compelling evidence that the risk for HIV Transmission during anal sex to zero when the viral load was successfully reduced,” the researchers write in their conclusion.

Without the protection by the drugs 472 the original 782 healthy men were infected, estimated in the frequency and Form of sexual contacts with HIV, the researchers write.

Same results in the case of heterosexual couples

In the past similar large-scale studies had demonstrated also in the case of heterosexual couples, that drugs can prevent transmission of the Virus completely. The protection consists both in Anal as well as vaginal intercourse. With homosexual couples there had already been similar studies, however, with so many participants. The aim of the current investigation was to last for the avoidance of doubt.

It’s not in the literature a documented case of the Virus in spite of a successful treatment between men has been transferred, write the researchers. Thus, while it was well documented that six to eight percent of the patients, despite suppressed HIV levels in the blood, nor the genome of the pathogen in the semen could be detected. These viruses, however, could not cause infection, possibly because their volumes are too low, or you have taken damage.

For many organizations the result of the current study is only a final receipt for a message, the spread for a long time: More than 780 of HIV organizations from 96 countries have been known to the statement that people, in which there is no HI-virus are detected in the blood, are not able to transmit the pathogen.

The prerequisite for this is that the people Concerned are taking their medication regularly and the amount of the virus will be checked in your blood on a regular basis. It comes to a taking a break, can multiply, the pathogens rapidly, similar to a new infection. For this reason, the victims are not also considered cured.

The end of HIV?

In spite of the enormous impact for the individuals Concerned, the protection provided by the medication will not be able to seal the end of of HIV. Many give the Virus any further, if you have been infected straight and still unaware of their infection know. In addition, the goal requires all stakeholders have access to medicines and Tests. This is achieved at the moment not even the most prosperous countries.

In the US, for example, only about 85 percent of people living with HIV know of their infection, only 49 percent are in treatment, the more suppressed your viral load in the body. In Germany, approximately 11,400 of the 86 000 people Infected with HIV do not know their diagnosis, such as estimates of the Robert Koch-Institute show. The proportion of people with an HIV diagnosis, receiving treatment, was 2017, however, at 92 percent. In turn, 95 percent of the treatment was successful. You are no longer contagious.