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How to give birth, a previous caesarean section?

Women who have already delivered a child by caesarean section to the world, to be made in the case of a new pregnancy, often before a choice, whether you want vaginal or re-birth with a caesarean section. Researchers at the University of Oxford have now investigated, in which variant, the risks are low.

In comparison to a further caesarean section the vaginal birth was associated with a higher risk, the absolute risk of the two methods was low: 1.8 percent of vaginal births and 0.8% of the caesarean sections it came to serious complications in the mother. Problems in the infants, there were 8% of vaginal births and 6.4% of planned caesarean sections. For mothers who had given birth vaginally breastfed their babies more frequently, six to eight weeks after the birth. Worldwide cesarean section have increased deliveries, with the result that more and more Pregnant, the question of the nature of the next birth represents. Since the advantages and disadvantages have not been well studied, have births the doctors to Kathryn Fitzpatrick of the Department of population health at the University of Oxford complications in 45.579 caesarean section and 28.464 vaginal births in women that had already brought at least one child by caesarean, compared with each other.