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Honey helps against cough?

Cough is a practical thing: He promoted a foreign body from the respiratory tract and makes us breathe freely. This is especially when a cold is useful, when in the bronchial tubes of tough mucus forms, which must be carried out. That makes us cough and cough – sometimes without ceasing.

Now is the time to drink a lot, makes sense about herbal teas with thyme are. Often a spoon with honey in the glass of the sweetened wanders the tea and should help against the coughing. But that brings up anything?

Far-fetched, the idea does not appear. Bee products for their healing effect is known, such as the putty, resin animals, also Propolis is called. Bees collect from tree buds and use it in the hive for disinfection. In experiments, Propolis bactericide and fungicide worked, it killed bacteria and fungi. As a tincture applied to the skin to combat eczema, and inflamed mouth.

Honey – an ancient home remedy

Similar beneficial effects are also attributed to honey, especially in folk medicine, the bees, the product is popular. The list of potential health booster is long: honey consists of more than 200 content – in addition to various sugars, it contains minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and phenols. The latter are said to have disinfectant and antiseptic properties.

Of course, heal

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In a small study, U.S. researchers looked into the question of whether honey cold can relieve symptoms. For this, they divided the 105 cold boys and girls in three groups: The first group received prior to going to sleep a little buckwheat honey, the second a common cough suppressant, and the third neither of the two. The next Morning, the parents were asked: How well is the child and the parents had slept? Were you awakened at night by coughing attacks? In fact, the honey produced the best results: He softened the nightly cough of children and letting them sleep better.

What could be responsible for the effect?

A further small study from the year 2012 seems to confirm this effect, The researchers divided 300 cold children between one and five years in groups. The first three groups administered you want one of three types of honey, the fourth received a Placebo. And here, too, The children had to get before going to bed honey was, sleeping tend to be calmer. The cold symptoms did not improve in the placebo group, however, the Changes were statistically relevant.

Fact or fallacy

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The conclusions from these small studies are limited, but at least there are clues that could explain an effect: it is known that honey accelerates wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Also has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties are attributed to him. In addition, it contains a lot of sugar and stimulates the production of saliva. This moisture could be put on irritated mucous membranes and help to relieve.

The world health organization (WHO) recommends that herbal tea and honey for a cold: “most of The home remedies are harmless, in contrast to commercial products that contain harmful substances.” The use of gentle and safe products should therefore be supported.


The final proof that honey for a cough helps, is still to come. However, a corresponding effect will be discussed – it appears at least theoretically possible. Anyone who wants to can go in front of the sleeping one to two spoons of honey to take, preferably before the brushing of teeth. Not suitable, the agent is in contrast, for children under one year of age: honey is a natural product and may contain pathogens that lead to symptoms in small children to poisoning.

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