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Heart patients often smoke more

Almost every second case of death in Europe is cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, many of Smoking or behave otherwise unhealthy, after you have a heart disease was diagnosed. This was the result of an international study, for more than 8200 patients from 27 countries were examined and were questioned, including.

All of the respondents were younger than 80, however, only 26 percent were women. The results showed that behavior could be in the area of health is still much to improve:

  • 19 per cent of heart patients indicated that more to smoke,
  • 82 per cent were overweight and
  • 34 percent moving to little.

The majority of smokers had never tried to quit Smoking and intended it is not, write the researchers in the “European Journal of Preventive Cardiology”. Actually, medical societies, heart patients recommend in the context of a rehab to bring a health-conscious life-style closer. This seems however only to a limited extent, according to the authors.

In the hospital: No time for thorough reconnaissance

Actually, there are good possibilities for Prevention, the researchers write. However, every sixth smoker explained in the study, to aid in Smoking cessation are offered. Almost every Second had by his own admission, never advice how movement can be integrated into everyday life.

Stefan Störk, co-author of the study and head of Clinical research at the German centre for heart failure (DZHI), sees the Problem partly in the health system: “In the case of a hospital stay, the time is strongly compressed. Sometimes a note that a stop Smoking, this would be useful can be found only in the dismissal letter.”

While patients listened to rather Smoking, if you would be addressed with a stay in the hospital, insisted on the danger of Smoking. “We should improve the interface between hospital and rehabilitation,” says Störk.

Also important: patients will accept

Patients to gape behavior, and physician recommendations are often apart, you can also confirm a heart expert, Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, of the University of Marburg. A treatment of back complaints could immediately feel, he explains. When you stop Smoking, but it is often very abstract goals such as the prevention of a heart attack in the distant future.

Referrals to cessation services should be simple, calls, Donner-Banzhoff. He calls but also to accept the behavior of patients when they decide on well-informed for a bit. “We Doctors are not allowed to be disappointed or patients, if you put other priorities in life as a health-conscious behaviour.”