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Fiber to extend the life of

Whole-grain bread, Flaxseed, legumes: Who fabric feeds ballast rich, live longer and are ill less often from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This is the conclusion of new Zealand researchers after an extensive review of existing study data. Their results are in the journal "The Lancet" read.

People especially a lot of fiber (25 to 29 grams per day) with food, compared to people with the lowest consumption to a 15 percent lower risk of premature death. The probability of dying from a coronary heart disease or a stroke heir, was reduced by 31 and 20 percent. The risk for heart or vascular disease, type 2 Diabetes and colorectal cancer decreased. Dietary fiber also had a positive impact on body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The German nutrition society (DGE) currently recommends a minimum daily intake of 30 grams of dietary fiber per day. This can be achieved the easiest by the consumption of whole grain products, legumes, vegetables and fruit: for example, two 50-gram slices of whole grain bread, half a red pepper, 200 grams of whole wheat pasta and 200 grams of Brussels sprouts.

For the study, the researchers from the University of Otago examined on behalf of the World Health Organization 185 prospective studies, and 58 clinical studies a meta-analysis. The researchers focused their analysis on non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and cancer. In total, data were received from more than 4600 healthy adults in the analysis.