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Driving a car: hay fever is as dangerous as alcohol

Who continues with hay fever behind the wheel, driving dangerous. This was the result of an investigation by the Allergy centre of the Charité hospital in Berlin. 75 percent of respondents say that their complaints to distract you from the traffic.

13 per cent have already had such strong complaints that they were not able to drive a car. Seven percent made the Allergy is even partly responsible for one of them caused an accident or a risky Situation, which would have almost led to an accident. The majority of study participants during the travel of the window and the car roof closed, to protect yourself from Pollen. Not even the half of it, however, anti-allergic drugs, and only a third switches the air conditioning to recirculation so as not to get fresh air into the car’s interior.

Hay fever, the car could go so significantly affect, the authors write to Professor Martin Church, and Professor Torsten Zuberbier in the journal Allergy. The disease was just as dangerous as sitting with an alcohol level of 0.5 per Mille on the tax, according to the researchers. For the study, more than 500 people with hay fever were asked how the disease affected their participation in road traffic.


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