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Dangerous bottleneck – the real reason for the back pain of a patient

A woman suffers for years under a drilling pain in the cross, and buttocks. Physiotherapy, drugs, exercise – nothing seems to help. An intervertebral disc SURGERY brings only short-term relief. With the years of the Suffering of women is getting worse. She loses control of her legs, can only walk short distances and can hardly climb the stairs. They stumble more and more frequently, and crashes: they dig up knees and hands, once she falls unhappy so that you wearing a blue eye.

What the 58-year-old patient is missing? Doctors prescribe always injection back Pain, back muscle training and muscle building. But what’s with the Rush? A stararticle from the heading “diagnosis,” the woman on the right track. A medical specialist for Orthopaedics and accident surgery finally finds the real reason for the Suffering of the patient. A Operation terminated your long-suffering history.

Doctors once-great sense of

This exciting event will now appear as a Podcast “The diagnosis” on Audio Now. In “The diagnosis” signs Doctors their most unusual cases from the practice and talk about how you managed to find the causes of diseases, which appeared at first to be puzzling.

Not uncommon for the Doctors to be true detectives, to find the reason for the Suffering of their patients. It is important to combine the traces and symptoms wise with each other, to ask the right questions and to reaffirm existing suspected diagnosis or to discard.

In the Podcast “The diagnosis” speaks to the star-editor Dr. Anika Geisler with the patients and their treating Physicians. The stories tell of doctors who have not given up with fast explanations satisfied and your patients could save on this way further suffering. You come up with on the trail!

“The diagnosis” appears exclusively on Audio Now. Click here for the Podcast.