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Contamination by mineral oil: Nestlé product fails in the Test, clear

Children especially love this cocoa powder is very popular. Because of this, there are almost only made of sugar, has been examined by the consumer magazine Ökotest 13 different beverage powder for kids.

High sugar content, added vitamins, pollution by mineral oil. The list of defects is long at the popular Nestlé cocoa product “Nesquik”. In the Test it took, therefore, the last place.

“Nesquik is particularly negative”

In the test report Ökotest, why the product with the mark “Insufficient” describes: “Alone for the mineral Oil residues, we draw two marks under the result of ingredients”, it says. Also, for added vitamins, and the increased sugar content is continued, there were deductions.

False impression

The added vitamins were “completely superfluous,” writes Ökotest. You should give the “impression that it is the cocoa powder a healthy food.”

In ten of the 13 cocoa powders, the sugar content was increased according to the recommended dosage, or even strongly increased. In four of the powders increased or greatly increased yields of saturated hydrocarbons were found substances.

Nestlé responds

Nestlé reacted to the poor performance and did not want to accept the result “so”. There is doubt as to the test method for mineral oil used by the contracted laboratory.