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Clinic sent multiple patient data to the wrong Person

The Asklepios clinic in Hamburg-Altona has, apparently, sent repeated patient data to the wrong recipient, despite the Instructions on the glitch. How to research by the NDR, revealed, received the psychotherapist Daniela Rath over a period of six years doctor of letters from patients who did not know them at all.

The NDR according to Rath got the first letter about six years ago, sent to you. You have informed the clinic that you’ve never heard of the patient. Nevertheless, an identical letter had been sent to you, and you reported the error again in the clinic. Three weeks later: Again the same letter.

Despite vehement calls, particularly dismissal letters after treatments and surgeries – a total of eleven pieces were landed in the following weeks doctor of letters at the psychotherapist, which was not intended for you. “You can actually do what you want. It’s not”, will Rath, and turned to the NDR and the Hamburg data protection officer Johannes Caspar, interested in quotes at all. He let the case check now.

Human error when Sending the letters

The group Asklepios expressed his Regret. At the request of the MIRRORS, the clinic called human error as the reason for the incorrect dispatch of the letters: “According to so far findings have been repeated accidentally selected the wrong therapist from the clinic directory”, parts of Asklepios in writing. It had been well-for example, confusion due to similarity of Names and Name similarities, it was more. “It is a confusion and human error.” A law firm and the data protection officer of the hospital studied, currently the incident.

This seems to be not an isolated case. In the past one and a half years of Asklepios in Hamburg reported according to the report, 20 false dispatches. The group takes according to the data protection authority, however, the mandatory reporting of such errors very seriously, other clinics report, therefore, nothing.

Asclepius informed on that: “The protection of the data of our patients is our top priority, as a core.” The therapist had been locked in the hospital directory.

Since the entry into force of the data protection regulation in may 2018 registered agencies nationwide, approximately 850 data breaches due to incorrect dispatches from patient records. Six States could call, therefore, no Numbers. The mishaps come about the information, mainly due to human error.