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Cash doctors demand penalty payments for patients who go to the doctor too often

What room do against full to wait? Germany’s top doctor proposes significant restrictions on the patient and receives significant criticism.

The Fund physicians in Germany make for a restriction of visits to the doctor strong. In the process, they brought in penalties for patients to be, in their view, excessively often when doctors make representations. By health insurance you received vigorous opposition.

“It may be permanent hardly any patients with no penalty is permitted, every doctor, every specialist in the direction of visit as often as you like, and often two or three Doctors of the same specialty,” said the Chairman of the Board of the cash-medical Federal Union (KBV), Andreas streets, the “New osnabrück newspaper” (Saturday). “Currently, the is not controlled. The health card works as a flat rate, and there are patients who take advantage of that mercilessly.“ Soeren Stache/dpa , Andreas streets (left), Chairman of the Board of the Association of Shi physicians (KBV), here with Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU)

“Who wants to go to any doctor, would have to pay more”

The speaker of the top Association of statutory health insurance, Florian Lanz, said: “To be a back-door penalty payments for sick people, who turn for help to the supposedly wrong place?” This is “not a good idea,” he told the German press Agency.

Streets proposed election rates for all NHS patients, in order to achieve a control. “Who is obliged to limit itself to a coordinating doctor, and kidney, should benefit from a more favorable cash-in-tariff,” he said. “Who would at any time go to any doctor, would have to pay more.” It was high time, and he was sure it would be very well received.

The hospital is not a “all-Round carefree package”

At the same time, streets defendant an Overload of the emergency services of hospitals, especially on weekends, for which many patients are responsible. “Then you have the time. And you mean, in the hospital, there is the all-Round carefree package”, he said and added: “to Ikea, and then in the emergency ambulance. The entitlement attitude is sometimes mind-boggling.“ The result is that the staff at the Rescue have no time for the real emergencies.

Also streets called forth criticism. “We need to rebuild the emergency care of patients,” said health insurance Association spokesman Lanz. “Patient abuse is not a solution for current challenges.” The health care sector to respond to the needs of the patient and not Vice versa.