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Burns: Running water helps best

If has burned a child, is a sufficiently long cooling under running water is the best first-line treatment. Running water for at least 20 minutes, it accelerates the healing, and the patient will need less likely to have a skin graft.

In a study 2.495 children with burns are those whose combustion was at least cooled for 20 minutes under running water required, to 40 per cent less likely to have a skin graft, the probability of a hospital admission was 35.8 percent lower, and for an Operation to 42.4 percent. In patients who required skin grafts, was the healing after cooling under running water faster, which reduces the risk of scarring. Other home remedies, such as Aloe, cooling gels and compresses, toothpaste, Butter, or egg whites, performed significantly worse than tap water.

"If a child burns should sein&quot the first treatment, 20 minutes of cold running water;, Dr. Bronwyn R. Griffin of the University of Queensland said. "Cold running water is immediately after a burn is most effective. But there is evidence to suggest that it is up to three hours of Use."

Long enough kümiss

The optimal duration of Cooling under water, experts are of different opinion. Trade associations from Australia, the UK, and Europe recommend 20 minutes. In America, however, five minutes is sufficient. The results of the new study under the walls, but the longer duration, according to the authors: "Regardless of whether you are the parent or paramedic, it is strongly recommended to treat a child for 20 minutes with cool running water. This is the most effective way to verringern&quot the Severity of tissue damage due to thermal burns;, Griffin said.