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Barely bearable: schools and day care centers back in the circle Gütersloh

Elena narrow Horst climbing the tears in the eyes. Your son plays at a water. The five-year-old bounces his rubber boots. In addition, the baby carriage with the other son. “The Big one was only a week back in the day-care centre, and in the evening, when falling Asleep, he asked me what will happen the next day in the Kita Beautiful,” says the young mother. “And now I have to explain to him that he must not go back.” You have fear, that the playgrounds are up again. “We adults can accept this social distance, but for our children, this is hardly bearable,” says the mother.

Similarly, it is also a Paulina Twardowski. “I’m currently at home to look after my two year old daughter,” says the single mother. You limit your exposure. “It will be a very stressful time for me and the Little one.”

Meat industry

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Corona outbreak in Tönnies main topic of conversation

For Dirk Ködding of the elementary school Neisseweg in Gütersloh, the news of the school closing came as a complete surprise. “We are all deeply saddened,” said the headmaster. “Especially the fourth graders I’m very sorry, because there will be no normal goodbye.” In the case of the Small to be tears. Also, some parents have already volunteered at the school. “There are many uncertainties, particularly in relation to emergency care,” says Ködding. This will take place.

The Corona onset in the case of Tönnies is in many places in a circle the main topic of conversation. So, too, with Lara Köppikus. The 17-Year-old Recently made her diploma. “I’ve heard of the incident at Tönnies in the case of Facebook,” says the student. “There were a lot of Posts and messages.” You don’t do to suffer so great troubles. Nevertheless, she wanted to disinfect now back your hands frequently.

“A disaster for the city”

Also in the Barber’s Abdullah Yildiz, everything revolves now around the Corona onset at the battle of engine friction. “The customers that were there, were all talking about,” the 34-Year-old. “We had to close due to Corona six weeks, and have a fear of that happening again.” Many of the shops had were not so great back, to bridge the crisis.

“I wanted to actually to 1. August self-employed,” said the Barber. “I don’t know how to go now.” He also had concern, as is the case with the workers in the case of Tönnies, the quarantine should be respected. “The are 7000 people like to be controlled?” Tönnies should have prevented this outbreak, finally, the group have huge Power in the Region, he says.

“This makes me sad, because this is a disaster for the city,” says Jürgen Holtkamp, sitting outside a pub, and a Cola drink. “To me, the employees do in the case of Tönnies sorry.” The working conditions were “terrible”, he believes. The also his friend Andreas Kersting looks so. For the two men, Clemens Tönnies, is to bear entrepreneurial responsibility for the Corona onset.

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