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Baccalaureate in Hamburg: the schools of the Corona-rules

You can see in the Video: Abitur examinations in Hamburg – the schools of the Corona-rules.

Under strict rules of hygiene have begun on Tuesday at Hamburg high schools and district schools, the written Abitur examinations. On the first day, it was time for 2300 students exams in the subject politics-society-economy. On Wednesday, it continues with the history and then the different subjects in the follow up to the scheduled completion of the Abitur examinations at the 6. May. Overall, it is in Hamburg, according to the school authority about 9800 Abitur-candidates. Because of the Corona-crisis the original was on 16. April planned start of the tests has been moved.

During the test, not edit in a normal class room a maximum of ten students for the exams. Students with pre-existing conditions are the exams to write, on request, in a private room. Suspected infected students are not allowed to participate, even if they don’t show Covid-19 symptoms. Also teachers who belong to the risk groups and, for example, diabetic or older than 60 years, should not be used after possibility.