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As the Après-Ski Mecca of Ischgl to a Coronavirus-the Hotspot for half of Europe

Ischgl in Tirol – a Mecca for winter sports enthusiasts and the place to Party. And maybe the “ball man of the Alps was” also days or weeks for the novel Coronavirus in Europe. Also because the authorities have responded in Austria, too late?

This suspicion searches of multiple media (including “T-Online”, “of The Standard suggest”). Because Ischgl’s well-oiled for winter sports and party machinery supply seems to be further – while there was strong evidence that Ischgl was a Hotspot for the spread of the pathogen, Sars-CoV-2. “Der Standard” from Vienna wrote of the “greed and failure in Tirol”.

Coronavirus-A Hub Of Ischgl?

A first alarm signal, there was therefore already on 1. March, was returned as one of 14 members of the Icelandic travel group from the winter holiday in Ischgl in their home. The members of this group were tested positive for the novel pathogen. For the authorities in Iceland, was then clear that Ischgl is a risk area. For many other States apparently not, and not at all for Austria.


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In spite of Clues from Reykjavík, the Tyrolean authorities were, according to Austrian radio that the infection took place only in the plane from Munich to Iceland. On Board another infected passenger was.

To the 14 people from Iceland for more Infected, who had returned from Ischgl, Norway and Denmark, for example, followed in several European countries. But in the Tyrol it remained of the view that it was “unlikely” that the infections were the result of Ischgl.

It changed to “T-Online”, according to the also on 7. March nothing, as it was the first Coronavirus case in the ski resort itself. An employee of the Après-Ski Bar “Kitzloch” has been tested positive. But: “A Transfer of the Coronavirus to the guests of the Bar is from a medical point of view, rather unlikely,” said a staff member of the country medical Directorate of the Tyrol after the discovery. 22 identified contact persons were still in quarantine sent. A little later, the authorities of the Federal state, announced according to the Austrian news Agency APA that 15 people “from the immediate work environment” of the Infected have also been tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. 10. In March, the authorities announced the closure of the “Kitzloch” and other Après-Ski Bars in Ischgl – in the meantime, the Party went on.

From Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany were reported Infected, according to the “Standard” more and more, which had been previously in Ischgl. On the evening of 13. March said the Robert Koch-Institut Tirol at-risk area. Places in the Paznaun valley, Ischgl yet been made on the same day under quarantine. Until then, the Virus was carried by the winter sport tourists by half a continent. How many infections are the result of Ischgl, but can not say more. Because the chains of Infection are no longer, in many places, to understand simply. However, the known cases suggest a high three-digit number close at least.

In Hamburg, the so-called holiday, a special feature of the Hanseatic city ended last weekend. Thousands make every year on the way from the North in the winter sports areas in the Alps. The returnees were asked to go into quarantine. The number of Coronavirus-Infected from Ischgl is likely to continue to rise.

The authorities in Austria late, possibly because of the enormous economic importance of the ski tourism in the Region?

Tyrol’s Governor, Günther Platter, rejected, at least economic interests. Health of the population and the guests were always. Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Director of the division of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, said, according to “T-Online”, she didn’t want to start “even if it was too late now. It is important that you recognize the Problem”.

“Traded, as specified”

Fixed: Ischgl is not the only Coronavirus-Hotspot in Europe. The Robert-Koch-Institute as at-risk areas, among other things, the Region Grand-Est and Italy. And also in Germany, there is continue to a particularly affected area, the district of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. There and elsewhere, among other things, the carnival was celebrated, although there was also in Germany, the first Coronavirus cases.

In Ischgl, in any case, the ski lifts will be starting this Monday finally closed, the season has ended – almost two weeks after Iceland raised the Alarm. Mayor Werner Kurz said, according to the Standard: “We have acted as the authorities have given us.”

Sources: “T-Online”, “The Standard” (1), “The Standard” (2), Österreichischer Rundfunk, Land of the Tyrol (1), Land Tirol (2), APA, Robert-Koch-Institute, the news Agency DPA

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