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The Cutest Clothes on Amazon Right Now

Perhaps you’ve been there: You want to update your kid’s wardrobe for spring (or summer, or back-to-school, or what have you), but you find yourself absolutely dreading the act of shopping in a store. Even a jaunt to an old standby favorite store (hi, Target!) can start to feel formidable when you’re faced with the reality of packing up the kids, driving to said store, God forbid they have to try anything on that elicits some sort of inevitable meltdown, and then you’re stuck trying to check out as quickly as possible while bribing your littles to behave, only to arrive back home and discover you have to return half of what you bought… Yikes. Thankfully, you can get adorable kids clothes on Amazon right now, right from the comfort of your computer/chair.

Yep, your seasonal kid-clothes update just became craziness-free — congrats. And now that we’re (finally) in that awkward spring transition time, your kiddo is going to need some light layers, cool jackets, and fun rompers and dresses for summer. We’ve rounded up the absolute cutest kids clothes you can get on Amazon right now, delivered straight to your door. No stress, no meltdowns, no bribes. Now if only potty-training were this easy.

Dinosaur Dress

This adorable dino dress is perfect for your tiny tot who knows they’re fierce. With a ruffle detail on the shoulders and bright yellow color, it’s the perfect combo of femme and tough as nails — for a kid bound to rule the playground.

Dinosaur dress, $12.99 at Amazon

Denim Jacket

This denim jacket is the perfect cozy coat for that weird transition from winter to spring, when you still need a coat with some warmth, but your kids winter puffer coat makes them sweat. This jacket is lightweight, breathable, and is sherpa lined for softness and comfort. Two pockets for hiding their treasures complete the look and make this the ultimate jacket for their many adventures. 

Denim jacket, $36.99 at Amazon

Little Prince Shirt

This shirt is from Out of Print, a company that makes shirts, bags and clothes with book covers on them. This super soft 100% cotton shirt is perfect for your little prince/ss, and each purchase helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need. Need we say more?

Little prince shirt, $20 at Amazon

Sweater Dress

Have you ever seen anything as gorgeous and ruffly as this sleeveless sweater dress? Simply pop a long or short sleeve shirt underneath, and voila, instant fashion. 

Sweater dress, $8.99 at Amazon

Popcorn Jammies

These too cute for words pajamas come in a rainbow of patterns, colors, and designs (but our favorite is the popcorn) (or maybe the llamas) (aw heck we love them all.) It might be a good idea to pick up a few sets of these. 

Popcorn jammies, $16.99 at Amazon

Rainbow Sweater

This sweater is sure to brighten up any rainy day with it’s bright colors and tassel rainbow. The perfect unisex sweater, no kid can stay in a bad mood when they wear this!

Rainbow sweater, $16.99 at Amazon

Frilly Romper

Now that it’s finally getting warmer out and summer is on it’s way, it’s time to bust out the rompers for your little ones and let their chubby little rolls free. Nothing is sweeter than a baby’s chunky little leg rolls, and this dark mustard frilly romper is the best way to showcase them. 

Frilly romper, $5.99 at Amazon

Cable Knit Cardigan

This hooded cableknit cardigan is lined with coral cashmere for the ultimate in soft comfort, and has bamboo toggles to make it easier for tiny hands to close. 

Cable knit cardigan, $32.95 at Amazon

Pom Pom Dress

This adorable mustard colored dress is beautiful, and the contrasting pom pom detail on the sleves puts it over the top. The back has two snaps to make it easier to get over little squirming heads, and the dress is machine washable, which means it’s ready for any adventure your tot wants to go on.

Pom pom dress, $12.99 at Amazon

Long Sleeved Dress

This gorgeous dress is great for your little one to throw on and get on about their day. The linen/cotton blend is light and comfortable, and the grey green color is perfect for spring. With the ruffle detail at the neck and the elastic wrists, this dress is good for a party, a trip to the museum, a playdate, or an adventure at the park. 

Long sleeved dress, $14.90 at Amazon

Black & White Jumpsuit

Bell bottom pants are back in style, and your little one will love this jumpsuit with it’s contrasting stripes and crossed back. The fabric is stretchy and forgiving, and has us wishing it came in adult sizes. 

Black & white jumpsuit, $4.95 at Amazon

Baby Bottoms

Anyone else’s babies spend the summer months basically naked? if that’s the case for you, these elastic waist, easy to slip on shorts are the best bottoms for your babe to wear all summer. They’re a light cotton/linen blend, and fit perfectly over a diaper. Your kiddo will have the cutest bum in the neighborhood.

Baby shorts, $19.68 at Amazon

Ruffle Jumpsuit

This sweet jumpsuit comes in taupe, pink, or white, and features a ruffle detail across the waist, as well as crossed straps in the back. Perfect for every aspect of playtime, this jumpsuit isn’t tight or restrictive, so it doesn’t slow down your kiddo’s fun!

Jumpsuit, $12.99 at Amazon

Star Overalls

These star patterned overalls are unisex, come in navy or grey, and are just cute as a button. Featuring a large pocket in the front and adjustable button straps, these are going to be your go to easy outfit from now on. 

Star overalls, $14.99 at Amazon

Red Striped Onesie

In case you thought your baby couldn’t get any cuter, try putting them in this striped onesie and see what you think. The pom pom detail around the arms and legs add movement and whimsy, and the elastic waist and neck make getting it on and off a breeze. 

Red striped onesie, $5.99 at Amazon

Leather Jacket

For your too cool for school kiddo, this leather jacket will make them the tiniest badass in the drop off line. With zipper pockets and lined with shearling, this is a great jacket for your little Brando.

Leather jacket, $29.99 at Amazon

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