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Kaley Cuoco Reveals the Petty Way Her Mother Has Handled Not Knowing Her Granddaughter’s Name Yet

Whenever someone announces they’re expecting a child, people can’t help but excitedly ponder what name they’ll choose. The possibilities are truly endless, and your mind starts to wander. Before, people would reveal early on what names they were leaning towards for their child, but in the past few years, it’s become more ceremonial in the mainstream. People like to keep their future children’s names under wraps — including first-time mom-to-be Kaley Cuoco.

While the Big Bang Theory alum has taken fans on a journey from baby bump updates to how she deals with pregnancy cravings, she’s kept her child’s name on the down low — including from her own immediate family!

And how’s her mama taking it? Well, her mom took a bit of a hilariously shady move to express her frustration over not knowing her granddaughter’s name.

From Cuoco’s Instagram story per DailyMail, she posted a photo of a blanket with the caption, “When no one knows her name, so your mom goes to these lengths LOL!”

Now, her mother got it custom, but on the blanket, instead of a name, it says all over, “What’s her name?”

It looks like everyone, including mama Cuoco, has to wait and find out!

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