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Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up About Using a Surrogate: ‘You Won't Offend Me With Your Questions, So Bring Them’

Hilaria Baldwin is known to be an open book when it comes to her motherhood journey, and one topic in particular — surrogacy — is one she isn’t shying away from. (She and husband Alec Baldwin welcomed their sixth child, a daughter named María Lucía Victoria — aka Marilú — in February 2019 via surrogacy.) In a recent episode of Hilaria’s own Witches Anonymous podcast, which she hosts with Michelle Campbell Mason, they addressed the topic head on. 

In an Instagram post setting up the episode, Hilaria wrote about the complexities she faced in choosing surrogacy. “When Marilú was born, I didn’t feel that the world was a safe place for me to share,” she wrote. “So many opinions and articles questioning her existence brought me to tears at a time when I was overjoyed with the birth of my daughter. Nearly 2 years later, I’ve done a lot of healing work and am committed to speaking up, sharing our beautiful story, and fighting ignorance.”

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“You won’t offend me with your questions so bring them,” Hilaria continued. “The most common are: do I feel the same way about her that I do my other children? Do my kids treat her differently? Did the woman who carried her feel that she was her child? Am I friends with the woman who carried her?” 

The many questions tee up the conversation that flowed between Hilaria, Michelle, and their guest, actress Michelle Stafford. But they all come back to one thing of which Hilaria is certain: her love for baby Marilú. “Marilú, you belong, just as you are,” Hilaria concluded on Instagram. “I’m so proud and grateful for our journey and being your mama.”

Alec echoed the sentiment, and he took to his own Instagram page to support Hilaria. I’m eternally grateful to all of the people who helped bring Marilu into this world,” he wrote. “And I’m proud of you, @hilariabaldwin , for opening up on @witchesanonpod about the joys and difficulties you experienced on your motherhood journey. I am in awe of, and supportive of, all women for whatever path they take, whatever choices they make… We know that women talking about their fertility can be controversial and provoke a lot of negativity online.”

Marilú is now almost two years old, and she’s a big sister to the latest addition to the Baldwin clan. Alec and Hilaria are among the many celebrities who welcomed children in 2022, having expanded their brood to seven children with the arrival of baby Ilaria Catalina Irena in September of this year. Ilaria joins her big sister Marilú, as well as Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, and Euardo, and Alec’s adult daughter with Kim Basinger, Ireland.

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