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'Flipping Out' Star Jeff Lewis Wants Baby No. 2 'With or Without' Ex Gage Edward

Being a parent to one toddler is no small feat, and having two kids is even more of a challenge. But Bravo’s Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis is determined to try for another baby — “with or without” partner Gage Edward.

Lewis and Edward have one child together, an adorable 2-year-old named Monroe. But Lewis dished on Jeff Lewis Live, the SiriusXM radio show he hosts for Radio Andy (the brainchild of Andy Cohen), that he is ready for kid No. 2 — even if he embarks on the parenting journey alone this time.

“Within the next year, with or without Gage, I’m going to pursue having another child,” Lewis told his listeners.

Edward recently moved out of the home he shared with the Lewis. The latter said on his show, “I think Monroe needs another sibling.” Though plenty of parents are fine with having an only child, Lewis doubled down, reiterating, “I do want to have another child for Monroe. Not just for Monroe, but for me.”

“I need to hire a few more nannies,” he also joked.

Monroe was carried by a surrogate, who was impregnated using an embryo created from Lewis’s sperm, but Lewis joked that he might use one of Edward’s frozen embryos for his second child. “I’m going to use his embryo and then I’m going to ask for child support.”

Yikes. Lewis is known for his frank way of speaking, but who knows what Edward might think about his ex “joking” about using his DNA to create another baby. The pair had spoken publicly about their desire to have another child through IVF using one of Edward’s embryos back in 2017, but now that the duo has split, Lewis might need to think again. Another potential hurdle is the fact that he’ll need to find a new surrogate, as the woman who carried Monroe eventually sued the couple in a case that is probably going to trial.

For now, Lewis and Edward are focusing on their current co-parenting arrangement. As far as becoming a father to a second child on his own, some are skeptical. One insider told People, “Everyone in their lives are hoping they come back together… Hopefully this time apart will help them both realize why they were together for so long.”

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, you can keep up with Lewis and his future plans by listening to his radio show on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 11 a.m.

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