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Chris Hemsworth Launches Personalized Health and Fitness App

Chris Hemsworth has launched a personalized digital health and fitness app named Centr Opens a New Window. . The Avengers star created the program with a hand-picked team of internationally renowned experts, including personal trainers, celebrity chefs, meditation teachers and well-being gurus.

Centr, which officially hit the App Store earlier this month after a frenzy of pre-orders, also includes curated playlists by Hemsworth, 35, and his wife of eight years, model and actress Elsa Pataky. The playlists are available exclusively on Apple Music and are “designed to make you sweat harder, lift heavier, stretch longer, box another round, even turn down the volume in your head,” according to a press release.

The app focuses on three key components to improving your quality of life: training, eating and living. After choosing a trainer and setting your goals and workout intensity, you can train in the gym or at home with workouts ranging from boxing, HIIT, HIRT, functional training, strength training, MMA and yoga. The meal plans include all dietary requirements, from gluten-free to vegan and vegetarian. As for creating balance, users can work with meditation teachers, psychotherapists, mindfulness experts and life coaches.

“I believe we all have untapped potential. And we all need support to achieve our goals,” Hemsworth said in a press release. “Centr puts the world’s best in the palm of your hand, to help you develop a healthier body, stronger mind and a happier life.”

Watch the video above for more details about Centr and to take a look inside the app’s launch event with Hemsworth’s one-of-a-kind team of health and fitness enthusiasts!

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