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Celebrities Who Love Riding Bicycles

Stars on bikes! Forget fancy car services, taxis and Ubers — when it comes to getting around a city or going from point A to point B, plenty of celebrities use their own two legs to bicycle through the streets.

Some celebs — including Naomi Watts Opens a New Window. , Justin Theroux Opens a New Window. and Pippa Middleton Opens a New Window. — pedal their way through traffic on busy streets as a green means of transportation. Others — we’re looking at you, Hugh Jackman Opens a New Window. and Seal Opens a New Window. — may grab a helmet and ride their bikes through parks, go off-roading on mountain trails or cycle down suburban roads.

But riding a push bike isn’t just a convenient — and incognito — way to get around town, it’s also great exercise. And if you’re looking to burn calories, it’s a much more affordable way to do so than attending group classes like SoulCycle or Flywheel. As a low-impact sport (unlike running), cycling is also a cardiovascular activity that’s gentle on your joints and good for any age. Case in point: Goldie Hawn Opens a New Window. and Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens a New Window. , both in their 70s, love to ride bikes.

And as Lea Michele Opens a New Window. has told Us, you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to take a two-wheel for a spin. It can simply be a fun way to squeeze some extra movement into your day. “I have a bicycle on the Paramount lot. So I like to bike back and forth to set from my trailer, or if we have a little bit of a break, I’ll bike around the lot,” the actress shared in 2016. “That’s an easy way to keep your body moving and to keep yourself active.”

Another benefit of wheeling around? It’s a good hobby to pick up with a romantic partner. “We love to do anything active and adventurous together. We go hiking and biking. We want to go rock climbing together,” Julianne Hough Opens a New Window. told Us in 2018 of outdoor activities she and her husband, Brooks Laich, do together. “We really just try to find as much to do as possible to stay active, to move, to get good energy flow. That’s important to us every single day.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former bodybuilder turned actor turned governor went for a spin on a two-wheel in L.A. on January 24, 2019. 

Credit: BG004/ / MEGA

David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts

On December 31, 2018, the Baywatch alum and his wife enjoyed a ride by the sea on vacation in Marbella, Spain.

Credit: MEGA

Heidi Klum

Sure, the model (cruising along a boardwalk in Santa Monica, California on December 29, 2018) works out — but she thinks just staying active is the most important thing. “Most of the time, when I’m looking around at some of my friends at the gym, they’re pumping weights and running I don’t know how many miles. They run so fast and so hard. You know, they always have something wrong with their back or their knees hurt. So I think sometimes we shouldn’t overdo it so much,” she told Us in July 2018. “I never am a couch potato in any case. I’m always moving and doing things.”

Credit: Pikachu / MEGA

Christina Anstead

The Flip or Flop star went for a holiday ride with her new husband Ant Anstead in Newport Beach, California on December 25, 2018. Anstead, who also enjoys yoga and group classes like Orangetheory, often jogs outside. “I really like to go for runs. I have a little French bulldog, Cash, and right now we’re living by the beach, so we kind of go on these really nice three mile runs, and I get to look at the coast,” she told Us in June 2018.

Credit: ROMA / MEGA

Goldie Hawn

This grandma can burn rubber! On December 15, 2018, Hawn got a boost from a bike in L.A. Two months earlier, her daughter, Kate Hudson, revealed just how active Hawn is. “She meditates, trampolines every morning, runs, lifts weights and even rides a mountain bike — it’s literally hard to keep up with her,” Hudson said.

Credit: BG004/ / MEGA

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