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Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Fearlessly Follows a Wombat in the Cutest New Video

Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace Warrior doesn’t seem to be afraid of any creature. She’s met crocodiles, gotten sassy with a kangaroo, and knows more about reptiles than we do! But a new video of Grace proves she is truly a daredevil, and it’s seriously impressive!

Terri Irwin, who is mom to Bindi, 25, and Robert, 19, with the late Steve Irwin, shared a new video of her granddaughter in Tasmania. “Tasmanian wildlife is incredible!” she captioned the video on Instagram. Grace is all bundled up in a pink floral coat, as she walks across a path surrounded by stunning scenery. Grace’s parents, Bindi and husband Chandler Powell, walk behind her, as she closely follows the trail of a wombat.

In case you aren’t an animal aficionado (or didn’t grow up in Australia), wombats are marsupials who look like tiny bears with a gopher-like face. These Australia natives can run as fast as humans if they want to — but this one seems to want to go slow so Grace can keep up.

“Off we go with our wombat,” Bindi says in the video, laughing at the sheer cuteness of it all. Grace is walking with a tiny toy elephant in hand, looking serious as she follows the wombat along the path.

“I love that the wombat can get off the path at any time,” Bindi adds, in awe of this wonderful animal staying so close to them. “That’s hilarious,” Powell chimes in, as Grace, Bindi, and the wombat disappear around a corner. Grace clearly inherited her family’s amazing way with animals!

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Bindi commented on the video, “Such a special moment ❤️.”

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Many others chimed in with how precious this video is. “Just a little girl and her wombat going for a walk, she’s so cute!” one person wrote.

Someone else said, “Haha this is the cutest thing EVER ❤️❤️” Another commented, “Playing follow the leader with a wombat! 🤣🥰”

Last month, Bindi shared a resurfaced video of Grace spotting wombats and wallabys in Tasmania.

“This video makes my heart happy,” the Crikey! It’s The Irwins star captioned a video on Instagram. “A little #flashback of our time in Tasmania, Grace spotting wildlife on all our walks.” During the video, she points out a “brown and grey wombat,” and her voice just melts our hearts.

Even when she was a baby, Grace was very familiar with wombats. She finds one during an evening walk in June 2022, and she looks amazed at the animal.

“Grace spotting a wild wombat makes my heart so proud,” the Australia Zoo conservationist captioned the post. “Our little Wildlife Warrior.”

The toddler is growing up with a heart for animals, just like her mom before her.

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